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Pampean Agency for Science and College of Engineering Action Plan

Pampean Agency for Science and College of Engineering Action Plan

There was a meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to continue progressing in the planning of extension and training activities.

Reviewers from the Pampean Agency for Open Science, Technology and Innovation met with authorities from the UNLPam School of Engineering in order to advance the creation of training projects.

The meeting, which took place at the headquarters of the Academic Unit, was attended by the Director of CITIA, Veronica Duarte. Brigadier General Daniel Mandrell; Deputy Dean Carolina Salto; Work has been done to design and organize training tracks aimed at responding to the increasing demands of technology companies today.

In the hadith, various occupational traits and trades were indicated based on the areas of knowledge required in recent years by public bodies such as the Ministry of Production and the private sector. In this sense, potential hybrid methodologies that could cover other sites besides General Picot have been identified.

In this way, it aims to improve opportunities and employment conditions for the population in sectors with high growth, as well as to promote the creation of an inclusive and competitive digital economy framework that provides opportunities for young people from the Pampas.

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