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Rheumatologists highlight the importance of bone metabolism management in a patient’s quality of life

Rheumatologists highlight the importance of bone metabolism management in a patient’s quality of life

Specialists concluded that the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic diseases should implement a holistic approach.

In rheumatic diseases it is necessary to manage bone metabolism. Photo: shutterstock.

In recent years, patients have survived rheumatism Too high and the loss of bone density can have serious repercussions on your quality of life. life.

Dr. Susanna GerechterAnd the specialized in Rheumatology Hospital Complex Robert Juan BravoIt has been mentioned that in rheumatic diseases it is necessary to management bone metabolism.

“It is necessary to act holistic approach From patientstates, the Dr. GerrichterInsisting that it must be implemented from the moment of diagnosis and treatment, this was emphasized in a collaboration conference with Grünenthal to analyze the latest developments and improve patients’ quality of life.

Recent studies have shown that inflammation and its mediators are implicated in the development of osteoporosis and how it inhibits or inhibits osteoporosis Attenuation of the inflammatory process It can provide effective alternatives for managing this disease.

According to the event coordinator.Reumeet It has incorporated a new approach by linking for the first time Inflammatory disease involvement In Other Bone Metabolic Diseases”, in this way, Gerechter defended that the event meant “opening new horizons in the discipline, specifically targeting junior professionals” and highlighted the importance of bringing together different rheumatology specialists to share knowledge.

The Director of Medical Affairs at Grünenthal . also participated in the event IberiaAnd the Anna Esquiviaswho highlighted the importance of improving Rheumatology management. “As pain specialists, we at Grünenthal believe it is critical to know the current reality of these diseases and how their approach helps improve the quality of life for patients who suffer from them,” he identified.

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