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Pablo Monteiro in tears: This is how he received criticism for playing Vicente Fernandez in Seri |  Celebrities from Mexico |  nnda nnlt |  Fame

Pablo Monteiro in tears: This is how he received criticism for playing Vicente Fernandez in Seri | Celebrities from Mexico | nnda nnlt | Fame

Vicente Fernández was one of the most important artists in the history of Mexico, not only in music, having recently won a Latin Grammy, but also in film, for which a live series was made in honor of “Chente”.

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The series is entitledthe last kingDirected by Juan Osorio and starring a young actor Paul Montero. However, there is controversy affecting the filming and production premiere.

A few days ago it was announced that the vital series did not receive permission from the Fernandez family, as it was rejected by Coquita Abarca, the widow of Charo de Huentitan.

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The controversy over ‘The Last King’

The wave of criticism that followed Coquita’s expressions, attacking the members and threatening the production with legal action, had an effect on the cast, especially on Pablo Montero.

Today Pablo was shedding tears, because it hurt him so much, because he was so saddened by this qualification of his person.Juan Osorio noted.

According to the director, the actor does not deserve the attacks, because he is just an actor doing his work on a project that caught his attention.

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The only thing left for you is to show your work and your talent and see the appreciation you pay Don Vicente and that you have to do it very well, for me someone who wears a charro suit and looks good in a charro suit and stands in front of Palenque to sing, not just anyoneOsorio highlighted.

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Even the director supported an explanation Paul Monterorecalling that the artist spent a long time living with Coquita and Vicente Fernandez.

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He said he would take between the two of them to sleep and go to bed, (today) I was so sad, I was crying and I said ‘Pablo, that’s the way life goes, one has to go on, they’re going’ to see the class and they will like each otherThe producer admitted.

So far, the future of the vital series, which is supposed to premiere in Season 2 soon, is uncertain, because if the legal actions imposed by Chente’s widow thrive, it will simply be cancelled.