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"Out of respect for the shield that nourishes me and gives me life"

“Out of respect for the shield that nourishes me and gives me life”


Fede Valverde is one of the best players Real Madrid has managed to highlight in recent times. Uruguay is important to Ancelotti’s scheme.

Why not play Real Madrid and Barcelona in their traditional uniforms?

When Modric is not there, Kroos or Casemiro appear and do well. The player spoke in an interview on El Larguero of Cadena SER and made a promise before El Clasico against Barcelona.

I go back to Paris Saint-Germain

The match against Paris Saint-Germain was unique. It was a unique game. I haven’t played in thousands, but I’ve played a few important games, but like the ones in Paris, I haven’t even played twice. They are matches that will stay with you for life. Defending that shield, after winning and qualifying for these fans, it’s a historic day for me.”

A call from Real Madrid

“Real Madrid is special, it changed my life. I am from Peñarol, but since I arrived here I knew I was wearing the shirt of the best team in the world. It is a huge pressure and responsibility, but I enjoyed it.”

Evolution in Madrid

“I try to work to the maximum every day, I have improved a lot since I arrived in Madrid and I have matured, not only as a player, but also as a person in many things that we don’t see in football: rest, meals, psychological work … There are many things Which made me grow as a footballer. I defend my game well, my character. My best moments were with Zidane, when I had a series of matches without injuries and when the team needed me.”

If Barcelona called you?

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“Out of respect for Real Madrid, and for the values ​​they gave me at home, I will not play for Barcelona. Out of respect for the shield that nourishes me, the sustenance, the passion it gives me, the values ​​they gave me at home “, was the promise of Fede Valverde.

The Uruguayan will not play for FC Barcelona. This leaves the possibility of veto.

Xavineta onfire! Barcelona beat Galatasaray and qualified for the quarter-finals of the European League before El Clasico

No website for CMK?

“I’m enjoying with Modric or Kroos. I would like to go in a little more, is that every time they play better.”

Modric, Kroos and Casemiro

“The most I learned from Modric is the desire to win. Every game, whether it’s the Champions League, the League or the Copa del Rey, you want to play and you want to win. He is always ambitious. From Kroos I will keep the calm he has in every game. It’s German In every way. Casemiro’s aggressiveness…takes me to this reflection of those of us who come from South America to fight and fight for every ball as if it were the last. For us, football and every game is the last thing. It’s the passion. I get a little bit of Each one that complements a wonderful footballer.”

Contribute to the team

“I try to contribute to myself, I try to do my best. I always try to work and be available for anything. I play better because I like to play but when it’s not my turn to play I try to support them in any way.”

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win the league

“What we have is a huge advantage, but we know that there are many matches and many points to play. We know that it also depends exclusively on us. If we draw or lose, we relax in some matches, they also come close to us and the league is played again.”