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Atletico Madrid, the first Spanish club to withdraw from the First Division

Atletico Madrid, the first Spanish club to withdraw from the First Division

Madrid – Atletico Madrid was the first Spanish club to leave the First Division due to the lack of support from its fans. Teams from Europe.

Real Madrid announced the decision, Wednesday morning, after the six English teams that were scheduled to participate in the new Premier League (Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool) left the project on Tuesday evening, in response to criticism. Of his fans.

“Atletico Madrid made a decision last Monday to join this project, taking into account the circumstances that no longer exist today,” Atlético said in an official statement, adding later: “For a club, harmony is essential. Among all the groups that make up. Even the rojiblanca family, especially Our fans. “

No Atlético footballer has publicly declared himself in this regard, but various sources assured ESPN that the team’s rejection of Superliga was also decisive when making the decision as many players were unhappy with how the events would be speeded up since Sunday night.

“The first team team and their coach have shown their satisfaction with the club’s decision, and they understood that the sporting advantages should prevail over any other criteria,” said Cayan Rogblanca.

On Sunday evening, the creation of the European Premier League was announced with the aim of creating a tournament to compete with the European Champions League. The aim was to meet the financial needs of the founding teams, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, City, Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan.

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The Real Madrid president spearheaded the initiative and Atleti joined the initiative after the Spanish businessman’s proposal. Initially, the competition from Metropolitano was not viewed with bad eyes, but club sources told ESPN that they had not anticipated the “rejection” they had made with their decision.

In fact, there have been many members who have threatened not to renew their cards and many clubs have asked to leave the official club roster if the Premier League is finally involved.

These same sources creep up on ESPN that the “ways” in which the events took place were not correct.