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"Giving up on Mexico was my biggest mistake"

“Giving up on Mexico was my biggest mistake”

In talking with the show ESPNAnd the soccer americasColombian coach Juan Carlos Osorio was very clear in assessing his departure from Mexican national teamAnd the After the team qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where it made its debut by defeating the German national team.

“This was my biggest mistake,” the former Tri coach admitted. “At the World Cup, the authorities of the Colombian federation called me and promised me the position of national team coach. Being a Colombian is a source of pride. There are three countries for which I am very grateful, Colombia, because it is my country; the United States, because I studied there and started working and generating income, and Mexico is the one that gave me The opportunity to go to the World Cup, ”explained Professor Osorio.

“When we defeated Germany, later we faced Brazil, the Mexicans changed their point of view, and they wanted me to stay, but my decision was to quit because I believed in the Colombian Federation; later, due to other circumstances, they decided another coach and that is why I think it was my biggest mistake to I leave Mexico where I had a very good football career and in another four-year cycle we would have achieved very good results.”

And although the heads of the Mexican Football Federation raised the possibility of the Colombian coach remaining “naive”, motivated by the idea of ​​​​leading his country’s team.

“Yes, many people do not know this, but after the victory over Germany they offered me another four years; I was very naive, I believed in the Colombian federation, in CEOs and presidents, and in the end, you played against me. Race ”, repeated the Colombian.

Osorio is grateful for the opportunity to settle in Colombia, where he ran América de Cali for up to two months, as this allows him to stand by his parents and one of his sons; However, the strategist does not rule out the possibility of returning to work in the countries that welcomed him in the past and treated him well.

“Every human is grateful to those who helped him be what he is; I love Colombia, and I live here. I am very grateful to the United States, maybe someday, and Mexico for giving me the opportunity to go to the World Cup and they are a great country to lead.

The former Tri coach also gave his opinion in the absence of Javier Hernandez In the Argentine team Gerardo Martino. “Javier has the ability to score goals, he scores extraordinary goals and other typical goals in the number 9. Raul Jimenez Different; With both of them, I tried to give them the opportunity to be in a team and at some point to play together, because that affects the game a lot. Javier was always the character who could bring in other players, Raul has improved a lot with the Wolves, the difference between them is so small, I wonder why Javier wasn’t around.”

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