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OnlyFans Model Received Messages From Kanye West: ‘I Have His Number’

OnlyFans Model Received Messages From Kanye West: ‘I Have His Number’

Kanye West stands Enjoying a new love affair with young Australian Bianca Sensori; However, before that, translatorNo more parties in Los Angeles“I really enjoyed being single.

according to the model Only fansMichaela Testa Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband slid into her DMs a few months ago. The confessions were made through a podcast White fox after hoursAnd When the model was asked about the most famous person in her messages.

According to his testimony: West—whose legal name is now Ye—was looking for an “Australian wife”; However, the letters remained there and They never went out together. Even though he got her number.

“He’s married now, so I feel comfortable saying his name. I got your number. I sent him a WhatsApp. That was as far as he went and then he ended up dating an Australian woman and also messaged another acquaintance of mine who was an Australian girl.He might have been messaging Australian girls at the time. Wanted an Australian girl! “I confess.

Kanye West’s new life: married to an Australian

Although his attempts to conquer Mikaela did not bear fruit, the truth is that after his divorce from Kim Kardashian, The rapper ended up marrying an Australian: Bianca Sensory, 28.

according to your profile linkedinAnd Sensory is the head of architecture at Yeezy, the rapper’s fashion company. In addition, the young lady has He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering and a Master’s degree in the same field from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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Bianca Sensory and Kanye West hooked up in 2020 After the Australian joined his company. Although there is no exact record of when the relationship began, The rapper and the architect tied the knot in January 2023 through a ceremony in Amangiri, Utah.