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Olympia crushes Deriangen, his greatness flourishes and reaches the semi-finals of the CONCACAF League

Olympia crushes Deriangen, his greatness flourishes and reaches the semi-finals of the CONCACAF League


Should doubts cross the mind of any Olympian, Leo dons the King’s suit that best suits him to demonstrate his class in foreign lands and deliver a semi-final blow as a coup.

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If doubts about the last two local outcomes lead to uncertainty, Olympia in Nicaragua He boasted his three “g’s”: he won 4-0, he loved football and crushed with his artillery. In the first half he had already rocked the ropes three times, and the ostrich missed one of those goals that was missed only in very few cases. The fear of both is nullified Louis Colonel By hand, unleash the lion’s fury that hit, hit, and hit a tire Just your Yurenti.

Three claws and rest

in 4 minutes Brian Moya He had already translated Boniek’s pass into a delicious shot full of goals, and in the 8th minute Bengson justified himself with a header from a foul under the frame and at 40 Edwin Rodriguez He ditched his role as assistant to trade him for a hit from the edge of the box.

And that amazing one from Jerry and the other from Maylor didn’t get in. Troglio with a smile went to the changing rooms and the white fans threw the party at Kacek Deriangen Before the silence of some Nicaraguans silenced by a Olympia The canine is serious and very long.

In San Pedro they will dictate the sentence

The score gave 3-0 to update the team with Alvarez and Cherinos. When the second half seemed to be too much, after two fears in Edric’s frame, Jorge Benguchi He jumped off the bench to ratify the 4-0 win, at 90. On Thursday, at home (San Pedro Sula) and with his nationals, the two-time CONCACAF champion will be looking to pin a tough rating…but very close…

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Technical sheet of DIRIANGÉN against OLIMPIA

(0) Deringen – Just Llorente, Yun Mosquera, Francisco Flores (Pedro Santos, 46′), Eric Tellez, Luis Coronel, Tovich Guarc, Jason Coronel (Alexander Zuniga, 46′), Junior Arteaga, Robinson Luiz (Abner Acuña, 67′), Luis Copete ( Jose Hoyt, 67′) and Ramiro Peters.

DT: Roberto Shanambi (Argentina)

Goals: none

Yellow cards: Alexandre Zuniga, Luis Coronel.

Red cards: none

(4) Olympia – Edric Menjivar; Maylor Nunez, Juan Montes, Jose Garcia, André Orellana; Germán Mejía, Boniek García (Jorge Álvarez, 46′), Edwin Rodríguez (Carlos Pineda, 78′), José Pinto (Michaell Chirinos, 62′); Brian Moya (Moises Rodriguez, 88 minutes) and Jerry Bengtson (Jorge Benucci, 78 minutes).

DT: Pedro Truglio (Argentina)

Goals: Brian Moya 5′, Jerry Bengtson 19′, Edwin Rodriguez 41′, Jorge Benguchi 90 + 2′.

Yellow cards: German Mejia, Jose Garcia.

Red cards: none