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Juan Reynoso LIVE Press Conference: Summoned List

Juan Reynoso LIVE Press Conference: Summoned List

Juan Maximo Reynoso has announced two lists for his squad: one for friendly matches against Mexico and El Salvador and the other to expand the world of players with a view to the future. Here are the calls:

Friendly – Mexico and El Salvador

Pedro Galese, Jose Carvalho, Alejandro Duarte; Luis Advincula, Carlos Zambrano, Anderson Santamaria, Aldo Corzo, Luis Abram, Miguel Araujo, Alexander Calins, Marcos Lopez, Nelson Loyola; Pedro Aquino, Wilder Cartagena, Renato Tapia, Sergio Peña, Yoshimar Jotin, Christopher Gonzalez, Christian Cueva, Edison Flores and Piero Quispi; Santiago Urmenho, Yorde Reyna, Andre Carrillo, Alex Valera, Raul Rudias and Gianluca Lapadula

A la carte list – League 1

Angel Zamondeo, Franco Medina, Carlos Asques, Joao Montoya, Renzo Garces, Aaron Sanchez, Alonso Uvira, Axel Moyano, Marcos Leuya, Uriel Selye, Jamir Darigo, Justin Alarcon, Brian Reina, Catrill Ramillos, Andreenson Jairo Concha, Matias Socar, Ogariza, Christopher Olivares, and Jose Daniel Rivera.

best sentence:

About Raul Ruediaz: “Raúl has shown me a total commitment to come back and compete for a place. This is much appreciated.”

Information about Louis AdvinculaAdvinkula told me that he died with the national team and that he thirsts not for revenge, but for the opportunity to play in a new World Cup.

About Jefferson Farfan: “We talked about the Farfán case. He may be at a disadvantage regarding Guerrero. When we see him well, he will definitely be called up.”

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