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Olimpia transfers a digital alternative to buying tickets for the Clausura 2023 Final against Olancho, how many tickets are left?

Olimpia transfers a digital alternative to buying tickets for the Clausura 2023 Final against Olancho, how many tickets are left?

It’s been a crazy few hours to get one or more tickets to watch the grand finale of Clausura 2023 between Olympia Olancho Club.

Chaos, frustration and even insults were part of the Olympic fans arriving at the Nacional in the predawn hours with a view to buying tickets, but huge lines looking for a “physical passport” complicated the picture.

However, Olympia issued a statement moments ago confirming an alternative to buying 35% of the remaining tickets to watch the Grand Final on Sunday 28 May.

In addition, he anticipates that they will be working to return to the digital ticket office for the Apertura 2023 Championship of the National League of Honduras and apologizes for the inconvenience on Wednesday, May 24th.

– Statement –

1- The team has played outside the National Stadium during the past seven months. We played at alternate venues using digital tickets. However, when the crowd flow is large, we encountered some inconveniences when scanning tickets at the gates.

2- As a result of this situation, Club Olimpia Deportivo has decided to do all physical tickets with a security system that allows them to be reviewed when handed over to officials upon arrival to generate variable income and thus avoid crowding. This decision was made exclusively by the Club and not by HUGO or the DILO Network.

3- For the next tournament, with the qualification of the National Stadium, we will have the appropriate external networks and connections in order to have a faster and more efficient refund system and thus return to the digital ticket total.

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4- Regarding the tickets sold today at the box office and at various points of HUGO and DILO, we would like to inform you that 65% of the ticket office is on sale. Starting tomorrow, Thursday, May 25th at 3:00 PM, we’ll be offering the remaining 35% for sale digitally on both platforms only.

If you purchased your ticket in this way, you will receive a receipt from HUGO or DILO with which you can go to one of the following points to claim your physical ticket:

HUGO: Window 8 of the National Stadium.

Say: Window 9 of the National Stadium.

5- We regret the inconvenience this situation caused our fans to obtain our tickets. We reaffirm our desire to work towards implementing systems that allow greater facilities and ensure the safety of the great Melinda fans.