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AEK and Orbelín Pineda achieve the double in Greece with the cup title

set of Ike Athena Where the Mexican midfielder plays, Orbelin Pinedaand led by the former Chivas coach, Matias Almeida Consecrated as Greek Cup Champion With a 2-0 win at PAOK In the final of the tournament and thus completed doublet Because they raised a few days ago Greek league title.

This was the final of the Greek Cup

The party was a sample of the claw that was impregnated naked in the Eaglesthe team played almost the entire game with a stretch lower man Although it showed Great superiority the opponent and beat him.

Orbelin Pineda Bassem came out the address In the game and made a good game the hero of the story Request the ball at all times and lead the team’s attacks from the Greek capital.

to 26 minutes The way to the address was open, Mukodi The scoring opened and the stadium erupted in jubilation, the double coming close, something that hadn’t happened since 1978.

Eck The game was in the lead, they already had the score in their favor but they were down by one and that was the time Almeida He started making changes Clever in his team not to get away with the game and he was until the end of the game they got The second goal who was working Paolo Fernandez.

he Eck She will have her safe place in Champions League The following season, and for this the board of directors Build a good team To Almeida, who recently renewed his contract on the bench for the Greeks up 2025.

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What will happen to Orbelin Pineda?

for his part, Orbelin Pineda He should clarify his future in the following days, that is His letter belongs to Celta de Vigoa club that could give him a chance for the following season or decide to sell or loan him Eck or to another team.