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Suggestion for LeBron James to play Stephen Curry for the Golden State Warriors

Towards the end of the season, but with both teams already eliminated from the 2023 NBA Playoffs, Los Angeles Lakers And Golden State Warriors They are news. is that there was a suggestion for that LeBron James I switched teams in exchange for three players who would strengthen the Los Angeles squad.

Will LeBron James play Stephen Curry?

for the Western Conference Semi-Finals, Los Angeles Lakers They stayed with the series against the Golden State Warriors by a 4-to-2 ratio, with a huge LeBron James at 38.

However, then the Angels received a crushing defeat from the Denver Nuggets, who won four games in a row to win the Conference Finals and get a ticket to the NBA Finals. NBA 2023.

In this context, both Lakers Like the the Warriors They want to strengthen their teams for next season.

Kevin O’Connor, of The Ringer, explained that in the “NBA world” there is firm talk about the possibility of LeBron James moving to the Golden State Warriors. And the journalist Colin Cord I reinforced that theory with a suggestion.

“I want everyone to take a deep breath. They’ll say this is crazy, but after three minutes they’ll be like, ‘It’s not that crazy. ‘ Wiggins, Cumminga, and Jordan Paul. It works. With Rui Hachimura and Anthony Davis. Time’s up, it really works.”

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The NBA has confirmed a foul in the Lakers-Nuggets match

in the World Cup finals Western Conference In the 2023 NBA, the Denver Nuggets won by a landslide, 4-0. However, there was a fact that sparked controversy.

This is that in Game 4 of the series, both teams are tied 111-111 on Crypto.com. At that point Jamal Murray had the ball, the LA defense cornered it, tried to pass and the ball went out of bounds. The judge ruled that Rui Hachimura was the last to touch it and gave possession of the Nuggets. There were only 56.7 seconds left and the Californians won 113 to 111.

However, the NBA released a report on the last two minutes of the game to make it clear that it was a huge mistake.

The Lakers star proved he was human and starred in a bizarre blunder in the loss to the Nuggets.

Possession awarded to Denver. However, the ball finally touched Murray’s (DEN) left hand before going out of bounds. Reeves does not make contact with him. “Possession should have been awarded to LA,” the statement said.

LeBron James is considering retiring with the Lakers

At 38 years old, the Los Angeles superstar continues to break records, such as establishing himself as the longest-serving player in NBA history with 40 points in a playoff game.

But the group context does not align with the individual and the possibility of winning another NBA ring seems remote.

After losing to the Denver Nuggets, he was clear in a press conference: “I can’t say it’s been a successful year because at this point in my career I’m just playing to win championships. We’ll see what happens later, but I don’t know, I don’t know. To be honest, I have A lot to think about and for me personally in the future of the game of basketball, I have a lot to think about.”

The Lakers star finished the season exhausted and said he had a lot to think about.

Alarms went off when TNT journalist Chris Haynes reported that LeBron would consider retiring from the NBA after 20 seasons in elite basketball.

Even King himself spoke with Dave McMenamin, a journalist for ESPN, and the talk was thrown in those terms.

Dave McMenamin: When you say you have to think about things, what thread should we pull on that?

LeBron James: If you want to keep playing.

Dave McMenamin: Like next year?

LeBron James: Yes.

Dave McMenamin: Are you going away?

LeBron James: I have to think about it.

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