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Officials “asking for the bill” arrive at Al-Siniyat and confiscate iPhones instead of screwdrivers (video)

Officials “asking for the bill” arrive at Al-Siniyat and confiscate iPhones instead of screwdrivers (video)

Seniat officials at Subaltern Air Customs in Barcelona, ​​Anzoategui state, carried out an illegal action against a traveler who had his iPhone 14 Plus stolen arbitrarily.


The citizen, who recorded the episode and then posted it on social media, protested, saying: “No one has the phone bill.”

“It is different in this case,” the Siniyat official said.

“Well, I don't have it. What are we going to do with the phone?” asked the owner.

“Well, in that case, if you get the bill, everything will be fine,” the uniformed man replied.

“And if not, the phone will be kept?” The user asked again.

“No,” the official promised lightly.

However, that promise remained unchanged, because after a few minutes the citizen was forced to hand over his cell phone to another official.

The subject commented, as he was forced to leave it in the office: “If I do not present it, Suniyat will keep the phone.”

The official said while pretending to feel sorry for the user: “We will continue the process of keeping the phone (…) You must submit the bill.”

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This is not the first time that officials appointed to Venezuelan state institutions have tried to carry out irregular thefts with the same light-hearted pretext in the bill. The emblematic case was that of a Philippine National Police officer who requested proof of payment for a screwdriver from a driver in Falcon State.

What does Venezuelan law say about these cases?

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Specifically, Article 794 of the Civil Code of Venezuela states that “As for property that is movable by nature and bearer bonds, possession in favor of a bona fide third party has the same effect as a title deed. This provision does not apply to universal furniture“.

That is, it is not necessary for citizens to travel across the national territory carrying invoices for all their property to verify that they are the rightful owners.