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Nyurka shines in a blue beach dress

Nyurka shines in a blue beach dress

NEORCA MARCOS He took a vacation with his family to the beaches of Yucatan, where She attended a wedding and was dazzled by the dress which he used in ceremonies.

Through her Instagram posts, the vignette made it clear that when it comes to fashion and trends, she’s an icon for women of all ages. Therefore, from the crystalline beaches of the Mexican Caribbean Appeared in a blue dress Who stole the hearts of thousands of users on social networks.

From the Mexican Caribbean. Photo: @niurka.oficial

In a video, shared by the former participant of “La Casa de los Famosos 2”, it was noted that Nyurka is enjoying her days at the beach. In the clip you can see him smiling and moving, wearing Blue open back dress.

The appearance chosen by the dancer is A dress For a long time Blue color and flower printrevealing part of her back and making her look fresh for the occasion.

to complement your look, New York She chose to wear her hair naturallyIt highlights the waves in her hair. similarly, She was wearing earrings and a pearl necklace. As if that wasn’t enough, the actress also used several gold bangles to give her a more elegant touch.

Nyorca and Romina Marcos. Photo: @niurka.oficial

Describing the photo, Niorka commented, “Thanks to Imperiopnius for that special detail.” The video has already garnered more than 500 “likes” and received many comments, with her fans highlighting her beauty from the beach.

Some of comments That his fans left him in the clip.

Also, in his Instagram Stories, Nyurka shared some details of the wedding she attended with her daughter Romina Marcos. In the photos, they both look happy and smiling for the camera.

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