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Arturo Mcfields

Nicaragua’s ambassador to the OAS rebels lives against the regime of Daniel Ortega

Arturo McFields, Nicaragua Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), rebelled against the regime of Daniel Ortega and described it as a dictatorship. Permanent Council of that organizationIn an unprecedented event.

McFields said in his speech that he was speaking on behalf of the more than 170 political prisoners imprisoned by the Daniel Ortega regime and the more than 350 who died as a result of the regime’s and its paramilitary repression between April and September. Of 2018.

“I speak on behalf of thousands of civil servants at all levels, both civil and military, who have been forced to pretend, fill vacancies and raise slogans again by the Nicaraguan regime, because if they do not lose their jobs they will lose their jobs. It is not easy to condemn my country’s dictatorship, but to remain silent. And it is impossible to protect the insecure. “ Intervention.

“I must speak, I must speak, I must speak, I must speak, even if my future and the future of my family are uncertain, because if I do not speak, the stones themselves will speak for me.” Added.

McFields described in his speech a few days before announcing the process of Nicaragua’s exit from the OAS, in a virtual meeting with the Foreign Ministry and the Presidential Advisory Council that he had proposed an alternative way to severely release 20 – year – old political prisoners and 20 others. Health issues.

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“It would be humane and politically wise that no one should die innocently in prison or due to minimal or non-existent health conditions. No one noticed me at the time. You give too much. ‘No one in power listens or speaks. I tried many times, for months, but all the doors were closed to me, ”McFields continued in his speech.

He worked as a reporter for the McFields daily Newspaper And Channel 12 Of television. At Christmas 2006, McFields released a report on how the Ordega Murillo family celebrated the holidays when Ordega was already elected president in that year’s referendum. In a report created for the Channel 12 news broadcast, McFields shows the interior of the apartment, accompanied by Rosario Murillo, who guides him and explains various details of the property. This is the only time that the Ortega Murillo family has been allowed to visit their mansion in Carmen in such detail.

“As a former member of the Norwegian Peace Corps, I have always believed that dialogue and diplomacy would not be very effective in times of peace, but rather in times of great conflict and democratic crisis. However, what is happening in Nicaragua is beyond my capabilities,” McFields acknowledged in his speech.

McFields was appointed Press Correspondent at the Nicaraguan Embassy in the United States in 2011. On November 5, 2021, two days before the election mockery, Ortega and Murillo were installed to the throne for another five years. OAS.

“Since 2018, Nicaragua has become the only country in Central America to have no printed newspapers, no freedom to publish on social networks, no human rights organizations, no independent political parties or credible elections, no separation of powers, but powers. This year private universities have begun to seize, and 137. Catholic, evangelical, environmental NGOs, Operation Smile has been canceled and the list goes on.

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The reasons why McFields took this position are not known, but the incident caused a stir among ambassadors. Uruguay’s Permanent Representative to the OAS Permanent Council, Washington Abdala, He described the truth as a “big fit”.

“When you go to a curriculum meeting like today, you can not imagine that this will happen. I have nothing but words of respect for what the Ambassador of Nicaragua did. I am aware of the dangers, dangers and pitfalls that arise, ”Abdala said.

The regime accuses McFields of not being recognized

The Nicaraguan government, surprised by the decision of its representative for the OAS, seeks to dismiss McFields’ statements, arguing that he was not recognized as an ambassador for the regional organization.

“Mr Arturo McFields did not represent us, so none of his statements are valid.

The resignation of the daughters of Wálmaro Gutierrez

McFields’ position of completely withdrawing from the rule of Daniel Ortega comes a day after the emergence of another interesting movement in the Nicaraguan diplomatic corps; The resignations of Maria Fernando Gutierrez Cayden and Maria Michel Gutierrez Cayton are the daughters of the Deputy Commissioner of Ordega and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Economic Commission, Walmaro Gutierrez.

Maria Fernanda Guttierez Cayden has resigned as adviser on diplomatic missions to the Embassy of the Republic of Nicaragua in the Swiss Confederation. Meanwhile, María Michelle Gutiérrez Gaitán did so for the United States-based New York-based United Nations from being an adviser to the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Nicaragua.

The resignations were published in the Gazette on Tuesday, March 22, in the Official Gazette. On December 22, 2020, Ortega deputy Guttierez was admitted Through the Overseas Property Control Office (OFAC) of the U.S. Treasury Department. The OFAC argued that Guttierez was allowed to be a promoter of the Foreign Agents Regulation Act, which separates Nicaraguans and forces those who do not support the regime to register with the Foreign Agents Regulatory Office. They use them.

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