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New York attorney opens criminal investigation

New York attorney opens criminal investigation

(CNN) – The New York Attorney General, Lydia James will join the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in the criminal investigation against the Trump organization, James’ office said Tuesday.

The Attorney General’s Office investigation, which has been ongoing since 2019, will also continue to be an ongoing civil investigation, but that office recently informed Trump organization officials about the criminal component.

“We have informed the Trump administration that our investigation into this organization is no longer normal. Together with the Manhattan District Attorney, we are now actively investigating the Trump organization in a criminal capacity, ”James’ spokesman Fabian Levy told CNN. “We have no additional comments.”

Trump’s lawyer declined to comment when contacted by CNN.

What is the purpose of the investigation?

James’ Office is working with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Psy Vance’s office to investigate whether the Trump organization misled lenders and insurers about property values ​​and tax payments.

Vance’s office is investigating Million page documents This includes Trump tax revenue.

Someone familiar with the investigation, a couple of investigators from the New York Attorney General’s Office, who are familiar with the Trump system, have joined the district attorney’s team. Another person familiar with the matter said the New York Attorney General was still conducting a civil investigation.

Former President Donald Trump has previously said that the New York Attorney General’s investigation is politically motivated.

Over the past two years, the James Office has been examining issues including whether assets were misused in financial statements to guarantee loans for finance and tax breaks, as well as how the Trump organization compensated employees.

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Investigators have fired several Trump organization officials, including former president’s son Eric Trump and CFO Alan Weiselberg.