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New tattoo designs that take Belinda's place on Christian Nodal's body |  Cech

New tattoo designs that take Belinda’s place on Christian Nodal’s body | Cech

Belinda is one of the most famous and controversial artists of recent years. The Spain-born has been linked to various singers such as Lupillo Rivera andwho at the time was very fond of her.

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translator ““Heartbreaker, because of her hypnotic beauty that left him more than enchanted. Proof of this is that his former partners had tattoos on his face or his name, which they happily bragged to the public.

Christian Nodal He’s the singer’s last friend even About to walk her down the aisle; However, on February 13, both announced their separation via their social networks, leaving those who followed their story speechless. Little by little, the Mexican was erasing Belinda’s memories, among them the tattoos he once believed his love would last forever.

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The statement about the end of the singers’ engagement surprised everyone (Photo: Christian Nodal / Instagram)

Last tattoo removed by Christian Nodal from Belinda

In the last celebration of Our prizesWhere Nodal gave a presentation on his topic “We are not anymore and we never will be‘, viewers noticed that something looked different on his chest. The distinctive tattoos of Belinda’s eyes are no longer on the front and upper part of her body, but a reddish area can be seen, revealing that the drawing has been interfered with.

Belinda's hand tattooed on her eyes on Nodal's body (Image: Belinda/Instagram)
Belinda’s hand tattooed on her eyes on Nodal’s body (Image: Belinda/Instagram)

tattoo artist version

famous tattoo artist for stars like Marc Anthony Kylie Jenner And the Beckham familyHe revealed that the singer-songwriter has removed all tattoos that were related to the actress. He himself was in charge of making the modifications, placing the other designs on top of the ones Nodal already had.

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The couple ended their relationship after more than a year and a half of dating (Image: Belinda/Facebook)
The couple ended their relationship after more than a year and a half of dating (Image: Belinda/Facebook)

How did Christian Nodal cover tattoos Belinda?

According to Valdez, the program:the last tattoos the singer erased was his ex-girlfriend’s nickname, located on the side of his face, with his eyes drawn across his entire chest.

The “cover-up” was hard work for several hours and was not finished yet: “I made one for the neck and one for the eyes too. It’s another picture They used to be my eyes, and they are no longer eyes. The only thing I can say is that it was a very complicated thing, we kept tattooing all night and we never finished it.”

Finally, the four letters (Billy) The one he wore on one side of his face was covered with playing card codes. “He already had the picture on one side of his arm, and it was easy for him to put the same pictures (on top of the tattoo), as there were four letters, and the four symbols to cover them.”I finish.

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