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Nefrología rechaza el informe de Sanidad sobre necesidad de especialistas

Nephrologists refuse to report an excess of nephrologists

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Health.

The Spanish Society of NephrologyIn a statement sent to this newspaper after the meeting of its board of directors, it clarified that it rejects the conclusion contained in Supply Needs Report for Medical Professionals 2021-2035 It was entrusted to doctors Beatriz González López Valcarcel and Patricia Barber Pérez (Echo Salud, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) which states that it will be there in 2028 and 2035 Moderate surplus of nephrologists in the country.

The Spanish Society of Nephrology has verified that the methodology used in preparing the above-mentioned report is based on subjective endpoints that are not based on objective and evaluable data, without the need for them To provide or compare any information.

Similarly, the Spanish Society of Nephrology states that There is currently a shortage of nephrologists Regarding the health care needs of the population, In both the public and private health systemAnd that this deficit will increase in the short and medium term, basing this conclusion on objective criteria such as statistical and scientific data on the increasing prevalence of chronic kidney disease, which means an increase in the incidence and treatment of kidney disease. And the Kidney dialysis and transplantation.

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