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Mysterious green light for WhatsApp: what does this feature mean

Mysterious green light for WhatsApp: what does this feature mean

The popular messaging app WhatsApp is hiding some secrets that have captured the attention of the Android user community. The mysterious green light that appeared when the app was opened raised questions about its meaning and purpose.

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This feature will be added to the new functions that have already been announced for the messaging service, such as the ability to share the screen during calls. Additionally, you can also review WhatsApp audio recordings before sending them.

The secret of the green light on WhatsApp

For WhatsApp users on Android devices, the green light appears as a puzzle when trying to access the platform. Although the company did not provide specific details, the community expects this signal to be related to cybersecurity.

Besides its main function of facilitating communication, WhatsApp sets itself apart by incorporating security measures that go beyond the obvious.

What is this green light for WhatsApp?

According to Google, the green icon is a tool designed to enhance the privacy of Android users who use WhatsApp. This feature focuses on controlling personal privacy, providing users with an additional layer of security without having to have absolute control over the Android device itself.

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