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MVM describes UNHCR's accusations against the DRC as “unacceptable” |  Momento.net

MVM describes UNHCR's accusations against the DRC as “unacceptable” | Momento.net

Santo Domingo: The Dominican Revolutionary Party's presidential candidate, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, warned of the danger posed by the alleged accusations made by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees against the country, which he described as “unacceptable.”

Vargas' office issued a statement today, Sunday, in which he stated that these statements were issued by the politician yesterday, during one of the meetings he held with the leaders of his organization in Santo Domingo province.

In this sense, he called on the Dominican government to respond with actions, “and not just words, to these unhealthy allegations of these international agencies.”

He added, “The Dominican Republic is prohibited for security reasons from allowing the establishment of these centers, as we do not receive and should not allow the reception of refugees as intended.”

The former Foreign Minister also stated that in response to the UNHCR's request for facilities (from the country) to deliver aid to Haiti, “we must always be ready to support and assist the neighboring country, but always in the dilemma of not being able to reach a solution.” It will be in Haiti.” It is led by Haitians.

Regarding the Dominican Republic's request to stop reparations and alleged mistreatment of migrants, Vargas reiterated that “the government must adhere to and enforce the Constitution and general immigration law.” He added that his “primary goal has always been to protect the integrity of our nation-state at all costs.”

“The Dominican people must be attentive and united in the face of the pressure and campaign initiated by some local sectors and international agencies against the country, which has always sought to turn it into a major refugee center,” Vargas said in the statement.

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