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MPs remove Trujillo’s granddaughter from Dominican recognition |  AlMomento.net

MPs remove Trujillo’s granddaughter from Dominican recognition | AlMomento.net

Maria de Los Angeles Dominguez Trujillo.

Santo Domingo, June 14th. – This Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved a resolution recognizing 28 Dominicans residing abroad and excluding from them Maria de los Angeles Dominguez Trujillo, sister of Ramves Dominguez Trujillo, both of whom are descendants of former dictator Rafael Trujillo Molina.

María Domínguez Trujillo was included in the original resolution approved by the deputies in two successive readings, but the supporter of the resolution, the outsider, Ramón Ceballos, was corrected regarding the woman and said he was not aware that she was among the group. to be recognized.

In this sense, he asked the plenary session of the deputies to exclude his name and to agree with the decision with the other confessors.

“Reconsideration is a human matter and we will always be on the side of projects that promote democracy,” Ceballos said when galvanizing his initiative, which has already been approved by the House of Representatives in two readings.

Rep. Ramon Ceballos is a proponent of the project.

On the other hand, the deputies approved the resolution through which the Chamber of Deputies asks the President of the Republic to include in the state budget for 2024 the expansion of rail transport from Los Alcarrezos (not yet completed) to Santiago. boycott.

Similarly, legislators approved another resolution in which the Chamber of Deputies recommended to President Luis Abinader direct the Ministry of Tourism to rebuild the protection wall for swimmers and marine species at Ngayo Beach, in the municipality of San Gregorio de Nigua, San Cristobal.

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At one of her parties, she mentioned that the “beautiful” Nagayo Beach, on the Caribbean coast of the province of San Cristobal, made up of gray sand and small stones, has two different areas, one of which is “bigger than the other”. It has many restaurants and bars around it “that allow visitors to enjoy a full day at the beach in this wonderful setting”. EFE