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Most Fit Grandma!  Vanessa Guzman conquers the networks by introducing her newborn granddaughter |  Photo

Most Fit Grandma! Vanessa Guzman conquers the networks by introducing her newborn granddaughter | Photo

inside a guild to watch Various celebrities have been surprised by their abilities beyond the work they do on television, and among them is the Mexican actress. Vanessa Guzman.

Vanessa Guzman Cause a stir in social networks After sharing it with thousands of his radical followers they change The materiality she was exposed to, so she has put herself in the middle reflectors.

This is from the beginning of a month AugustWhen he decided to show himself during one of his first bodybuilding competitions and show his progress in this specialty, and shows that the world Fitness It is one of his greatest passions.

Vanessa Guzman influences her as a bodybuilder

It should be noted that Vanessa Guzmán has always shown a special interest in her physical appearance, because in 1996 she won the crown of Nuestra Belleza Mexico, with the aim of entering into the Competition The beauty of Miss Universe.

Although it was always Considered One of the most sympathetic actresses, the truth is that the appearance of the artist from Juarez now has attracted more attention than ever, since then her appearance as a woman physicist It is the first of its kind in this fitness category an actress Mexican.

She’s the fittest grandmother in Mexico

Under this panoramic image, a file Famous The Mexican actress is one of the most loved actresses in the entertainment world and now one of the most loved actresses because of her. Clear physical work

However, now it has given Vanessa something to talk about again, because she’s 45 Grandma And on social networks, they called her the fittest grandma Mexico.

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This is after his eldest son, Jose Eduardo Rodriguez, stated that he would become a father in the middle of his life. Graduation In Texas, where Long live Vanessa Guzman too several years.

Now the famous actress has Supposedly In the social networks of his beautiful granddaughter, who is only a few days old, and with her arrival he made Guzmán a proud grandmother Fitness.

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Vanessa Guzman influences with her amazing figure in the bodybuilding championship