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Laura Bozzo is rescued from prison, while Alfredo Adame is wanted by SAT

Laura Bozzo is rescued from prison, while Alfredo Adame is wanted by SAT

While Laura Pozzo Issue an arrest warrant against you to pay part of your debtOne of its biggest competitors in the entertainment world being searched for by the Tax Administration Department (he sat); it’s about Alfredo Adam.

Program host Laura in America She asked a federal judge to temporarily block an order to keep her in protective custody while she was in court.Or for tax evasion for 12 million pesos. However, the Peruvian citizen has already paid 2,600,000 pesos and will have to attend the hearing, among other legal actions.

In the face of this news, Alfredo Adams exploded cAgainst the decision of the Attorney General’s office to prevent “Miss Laura” from entering prison, and Attacked with a possible return to Mexican TV. It should be remembered that for a few months the actor was very frank about his hostility to the presenter, even asserting that it was he who denounced her.

Alfredo Adams has problems with SAT

Now the former Hoy driver has problems with the tax authorities, because Jose Mauricio Urita Medrano, the Secretary of the Fourth District Court for Criminal Protection, as a district judge, refused the protection he had sponsored, arguing that Alfredo Adams had failed to give correct information to the claim.

Alfredo Adam Wanted by SAT Photo: Private

The 29 June 2017, SAT started an operation against the TV presenter, because didn’t know Change of tax address. According to the report, no verification visit to the company took place in January of that year. CP . production, who is responsible for it, and at the place they said they did not know him.

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Only in March of this year the probation judge of the Federal Center for Criminal Justice in the South Prison Connecting Alfredo Adams to the operationThis is with refusal to protect The order can be reactivated.

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