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More than fifty students participate in the local stage of the Chemistry Olympiad

More than fifty students participate in the local stage of the Chemistry Olympiad

With the recent memory of the Andalusian stage Chemistry OlympiadThis Tuesday was the turn Local stage From the Chemistry Olympiad. Another activity I organized Faculty of Experimental Sciences, University of AlmeríaIn cooperation with Association of Andalusian Chemistswhich has been promoted before Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (RSEQ).

From 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., 52 second year secondary school studentsfrom 17 educational centers in the governorate They met in the UAL auditorium to put their knowledge of chemistry into practice.

Juan José Moreno Balcazar, Dean of the Faculty of Experimental Sciences, noted that the goal of this Olympiad is “to stimulate students’ interest in chemistry and to strengthen their advocacy in this subject.”

The ceremony was also attended by the Vice Dean of Chemistry, A. Ignacio Manuel Rodriguez, Responsible for welcoming participants and teachers responsible for chemistry in the course High school Who attended this appointment? In his speech, he thanked the students for their participation in the Olympiad and encouraged them to continue their interest in chemistry, “the great science that includes all other sciences.”

For this part, Maria Dolores Gil GarciaA professor in the field of analytical chemistry and a speaker on the topic of chemistry at PEvAU, as well as the coordinator of this local stage of the Olympiad, explained that the test “consists of two tests, one of which is about chemical formulation and questions.” “Related to the chemistry curriculum for the second year of the baccalaureate and another in which two numerical problems must be solved.”

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He also wanted to encourage the three winners in this stage to participate in the national stage where they will have a “great experience.” In previous editions, Almeria's participation was very successful “with many medals, something I am very satisfied with as a coordinator.”

The organizing committee in charge of preparing and grading the exams will announce the name of the three participants with the best grade who will represent Almeria in the tournament. National stage of the Chemistry Olympiad which will be celebrated From April 26 to 28 at the University of Murcia. In addition, they will be invited to attend the awards ceremony organized by the Faculty of Experimental Sciences which will be held at the end of June.

The organizing committee, chaired by María Dolores Gil Garcia, consists of María Dolores Urena, professor of the Inorganic Chemistry area and coordinator of the Chemistry degree; Emilia Ortiz, Professor of Chemistry and Physics; Josefa Clemente, Professor in Biochemistry and Carmen Ferrer Amati, Professor in Analytical Chemistry.

At the end of the ceremony, the participants received a certificate of participation in addition to a gift funded by the Foundation Deputy Directorate of Culture and Society at UAL.