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Congress recognizes 89 students

Congress recognizes 89 students

Guadalajara, Jalisco.

he Congress For the state Distribution of prizes to 89 students Primary, secondary, secondary and higher education, who have won gold medals in national and foreign competitions in the fields of science and mathematics, technology And innovation.

Omar Alejandro Chavez Campos The Coordinator of Innovation, Early Research and Training for Mexican Industries at the Center for Industrial Technical Education (CETI) on the Columbus campus highlighted the importance of legislative authority that supports early research in students, so that they can continue training in these areas, even in graduate studies.

“The idea is to promote and stimulate research at an early age. We are students Who represented the state in eThe winds of science, technology and innovation, Not just this year, but in the last eight years, which has affected far beyond.

Because some are already studying their master's or doctoral degree outside the country and many of them are doing business locally.

the students Who received a certificate from the president CongressFernando Martinez Guerrero and Deputy MC Selenia Contreras. He represented Jalisco and Mexico in the Science Olympiad In Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Romania, South Africa, China, the United States and the Netherlands.

Evelyn Samantha Zuniga Rubio, Chairman of the Young Promoters of Science Network technology From Jalisco (Redig), who studied chemistry, pharmacy and biologist at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), explained that the organization in charge of it supports the training of young people in the field of Sciences.

“”Telecommunication network Created since 2013, to support all young people and encourage them to do science and technologyAnd publish activities in which they can participate and present their projects.

And at the same time train them when they go to other states and countries To present their projects, “To be better prepared in the way they present their project as well as the materials they make,” It is to explain.

The event, which was held in the central courtyard of the Legislative Palace, was attended by Analy Fabiola Estrada Hernandez, Interim Director of the CETI Center in Columbus,

  • Roberto Hidalgo Rivas, Coordinator of the National Network of Youth Activities in Science and technology and Sandra Reinaga, School Superintendent, District 178, Ministry of Education.
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