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More than 17 thousand teachers are missing!

More than 17 thousand teachers are missing!

The current crisis in Cuba is hitting many sectors of society, and public education is one of them. Migrant migration and migration to better-paid sectors, among other reasons, have led to the sad figure that today there is a shortage of more than 17,000 teachers across the island.

There is no doubt that one of the areas most affected by the difficult situation that Cuba is going through is education, which was once the pride of the regime, but it currently suffers from a deficit of more than 17,000 teachers, according to ruling party data. Data.

This week, Cuban television correspondent Lázaro Manuel Alonso noted in his profile Facebook Their concern about this reality. As often happens, they described the situation as “very complex,” but there are no solutions in sight.

The system suffers from a shortage of more than 17,000 teachers, 3,200 of whom are at the basic secondary level. “In many schools, the first grades of subjects for which there were no teachers were not taught or were taught half-heartedly,” the Cuban television journalist wrote.

Teacher shortage in Cuba in 2023

According to this report, among the reasons for the teacher shortage are “the search for higher or better wages, immigration, and the departure of professionals to other sectors within the country where they receive better salaries.”

The Director General of Basic Education, Marilyn Triana Medeiros, confirmed this previous information from Alonso to the national television news channel. For example, in one month, August, before the agreed-upon start of the school year on the island, about 7,000 teachers disappeared from education.

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Triana noted that the basic secondary stage lacks at least 3,200 teachers, so coverage is only 88.9%, almost two months into the 2023-2024 school year in Cuba.

The official said in a television report that the problem is more serious in the provinces of Havana, Mayapique, Artemisa, Matanzas and Sancti Spiritus, where they stressed that this is “one of the pillars of Cuban society” that is affected by the “complex economic crisis.” The circumstances the country is going through.”