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What happens when the dead man rises?  What does science say

What happens when the dead man rises? What does science say

What happens when the dead man rises? What does science say (Rhohabi via Getty Images)

Mexico City, October 23 (El Universal). The brain undergoes various processes during sleep. Essentially, during this period the nervous system rests to provide the body with the energy needed to wake up.

but, It is not always possible to get restful sleep. This is due to various factors that prevent us from reconciling the matter, such as disturbing situations or disturbances, including anxiety and stress.

But there is a phenomenon that occurs spontaneously Anyone who has tried it usually refers to it with this phrase “The dead man attacked me.”. It’s not about an invasion of evil beings, it’s sleep paralysis.

When someone claims that “the dead have risen,” they actually mean that I experienced “sleep paralysis.” This disorder is common among residents with shifting shifts such as doctors, nurses, security guards, or soldiers.

According to the Journal of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), this condition causes paralysis or inability to speak when people try to sleep or when they wake up.

The explanation is simple: The brain is in another state of consciousness while the body’s muscles are active. So they fail to establish a “connection” to send navigation signals to the rest of the body.


brain (Yuichiro Chino via Getty Images)

Sleep paralysis lasts approximately 1 to 10 minutes. By not understanding what is happening, People go into a state of “panic”This is why it is associated with supernatural beings.

UNAM suggests maintaining adequate sleep hygiene to reduce the chances of developing paralysis at rest. It is among the measures that help combat this discomfort:

  • Sleep well, at least 7 or 8 hours a day

  • Avoid using a cell phone before bed

  • Do not consume caffeine or other energy substances before resting

  • I exercise regularly

  • Avoid sleeping on your back, as this position makes breathing difficult.

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