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Migrant caravan collides with National Guard in Chiapas

Migrant caravan collides with National Guard in Chiapas

Chiapas.- The migrant caravan In Chiapas on Thursday, it collided with the National Guard and agents of the National Institute of Migration (INM), departing Many wounded and arrested.

NSconfrontation It was recorded Thursday morning on the section of the road linking the cities of Pejijiapan and Tonala when cars from both INM and the National Guard arrived.

On the road, Federal agents went out to carry out the operation to contain this group From about 4 thousand foreigners, they ran at first when they saw that among the officials there was also a riot squad.

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shock groups

Later, the immigrants saw the progress of these shock groups, They started throwing stones at the security forces.

For about 10 minutes 50 immigrants threw stones and sticks at the National Guard.

The men in uniform were outnumbered and left the confrontation.

National Guard members climbed into their cars with great difficulty, as they were hit with sticks and stones, injuring a number of them.

After this operation, the convoy of migrants – whose purpose was to reach Mexico City to organize their stay – attempted to regroup and continue on their way, also fearing a new operation because in the first engagement there were reportedly at least thirty arrests.

The caravan advances amid the pain of the killing of a Cuban immigrant by the National Guard, who was in a car with other people, last weekend.

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A fact condemned by the President of Mexico himself, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

This group – which has been on the road for more than ten days – was launched after Mexican authorities thwarted the progress of four convoys of migrants in the early days of September that departed specifically from Tapachula, the municipality of Chiapas on the border with Guatemala.

At the time, several UN agencies and NGOs criticized the use of force in the dismantling of these convoys.

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