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Mexico's ambassador to Peru has been declared persona non grata and must leave the country within 72 hours

Mexico’s ambassador to Peru has been declared persona non grata and must leave the country within 72 hours

Pablo Monroy welcomes Lilia Paredes and her children to the Mexican Embassy in Peru.

relationships between Peru s Mexico They are in their toughest moment after the announcement of the former First Lady Lilia Paredes He is with his children in the Mexican embassy located in the area San Isidro. After agreeing to safe conduct for Pedro Castillo’s wife to leave the country, chancellery I mentioned that the ambassador of the Aztec country should do the same.

“This decision is based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which defines the authority of the receiving state to declare an undesirable foreign head of mission,” the statement said. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is that ambassador Pablo Monroe Kunissa You have 72 hours to leave the country.

Through her Twitter account, the chancellery He noted that the decision responds to “the repeated expressions of the higher authorities of that country (Mexico) employment political status In Peru”. This was considered an interference in the country’s internal affairs, which would have violated the principle of non-interference that characterizes relations between nations.

We must remember that the Chancellor five days ago Anna Cecilia Gervasi Reported that the ambassadors of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico will be summoned to consult on their comments on the political crisis in Peru. These countries indicated that Pedro Castillo He has been the victim of political “harassment” since coming to power last year and has urged the Andean country to “refrain from reversing the popular will expressed” in the elections.

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For his part, the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorHe denied that he was involved in Peru’s internal affairs. After pointing out that the will of the citizens must be respected at the polls, he came to question the origin The Political Constitution of Peru. “It has a problem, a defect, undemocratic in origin. It is a story of political instability that they make laws in a way (…) in favor of a minority,” he declared.

future from Lilia Paredesthe former first lady and wife of the former president Pedro CastilloI’ll be in Mexico. The Minister of External Relations, Ana Cecilia Gervasi, reported that she had obtained safe passage She and her two youngest children.

According to Al Caracas Agreement employment diplomatic asylum 1954 of which both countries (Peru and Mexico) are part. Gervasi explained that Article 12 of the aforementioned agreement stipulates that the territorial state is obliged to immediately provide, except in cases of force majeure, the necessary guarantees referred to in Article 5 and the corresponding safe conduct.

Lilia Paredes at the Mexican Embassy with her children.
Lilia Paredes at the Mexican Embassy with her children.

Appearance with restrictions is heavier for Paredes who dictated the Judge Raul Justignano in October this year. One of the rules of conduct imposed on him was not to leave his place of residence without a court order.

However, it was learned in the past hours that the Second Criminal Court of Appeal decided to cancel the procedure against her and her brothers. Walter and David Paredeswithin the call Anguilla casewhich includes them as alleged members of a criminal organization rooted in the Ministry of Housing.

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And after the Criminal Chamber’s ruling, the former first lady was left with no legal objections. for Marcelo EbrardAnd the Mexico’s foreign minister In Peru, it is learned that she and her two young children have already been granted political asylum and are staying in facilities Mexican Embassy Based in Lima.

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