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Mexico national team: What should be the rule against the United States?

Mexico national team: What should be the rule against the United States?

ESPNJune 11, 2023 at 10:23 p.m. ETReading: 9 minutes.

Diego Coca’s three priorities to face the United States

Roberto Gómez Junco joins the SportsCenter table to analyze the “Tri” coach’s next game plan.

ESPN raises player base Diego Cuca should use for the all-important duel against the United States scheduled for June 15

trainer Diego Coca On the verge of his first major test with Mexican national teamThen he will face United State In the semi-finals of CONCACAF League of Nations With the slogan of victory and breaking the paternity imposed by the Stars and Stripes team on the team that has not won any victory over its arch-rival since 2019.

With only five matches in charge, two official, three friendlies and a record of two wins and three draws, Diego Coca He stated that there was a lack of intensity and coordination, in a team that had seen so many players parade to try out in different locations, with patchy results, that he had no time to blend in.

Ochoa, Edson Alvarez and Santiago Jimenez have a lot of responsibility for the United StatesESPN

The 37-year-old veteran goalkeeper has more than 120 matches experience with Mexican national team He has enough arguments to be the owner before United Stateespecially since players who compete to take the stick once the glove is hung go through periods of foul play.

In case Carlos Acevedowho was aiming to be chosen as Ochoa’s successor, played two of the five bouts in the Diego Coca As a Mexican coach and got a good rating but 37 goals in 17 games conceded in the 2023 Clausura of the Mexican League with St. Lagoon It’s a reasonable argument to be suspicious of the moment you’re going through it. In addition to the above, the 27-year-old goalkeeper suffered a shoulder injury and was dropped from the team.

Louis Malagon He is another goalkeeper who has raised his hand to defend the frame thanks to his outstanding participation America in Clausura 2023, which earned him his first call-up and possession vs GuatemalaHowever, there was a serious mistake before Cameroon His case cost him a goal at the same time that he was in doubt about his readiness to attend a key duel for his country’s national team.

Antonio RodriguezAnother old Liga MX “sea lion” also appears in the call-up as a third option, however, his role is intended to be a reliable substitute when the situation demands it.

Johann Vasqueza 24-year-old defender, looks like a solid piece for the first line of the Mexican team, which has repeatedly seen its line-up – and failure – in. Gilberto SepúlvedaAnd Nestor AraujoAnd Hector Moreno And Victor Guzman.

Johann Vasquez He participated in only one duel during that period Diego Coca He was on the bench for the Mexican national team, against Suriname in the CONCACAF Nations League, however, his stay in Serie A with Cremonese and Genoa over three seasons is a catalyst for him being considered a regular starter.

like Vasquez, mountains He is a strong candidate to monopolize the other space in the middle, as he shone as an important player for Espanyol in just six months, despite the fact that the team was relegated to the second division in Spain. With Diego Coca in the Mexican national team, Montes only played against Jamaica at the end of March.

center back on the left, Gilberto Sepúlveda Saw work under the cudgel Diego Coca Against Guatemala and Cameroon. As a starter against the African team, the 24-year-old from Sinaloa was overwhelmed by the opposition’s pace and was unable to score safely, while Guatemala were opponents who provided little attacking presence and came on as a substitute in the 72′.

Nestor Araujo He participated in three of the five duels after Qatar 2022, with chiaroscuro in his performance. And while he played well against a lowly Guatemalan national team and rose as a pillar of defence, he warned against Cameroon the shortcomings that left him on multiple occasions within his own region. In addition, he started the friendly match against the United States in April and left it with the team.

veteran Hector Moreno He only participated against Jamaica during Operation Diego Coca, and the result was negative. Against the Caribbean national team, he was not a solution to stop the attack and proved to be one of the weakest links in the first eleven, due to the easy circulation of the ball in his area of ​​the field.

In case Victor GuzmanThe 21-year-old defender was part of the starting line-up against the United States in April, opening the doors for the opposition to search for the equalizer and eventually conceding space that became a conceded goal. He also lined out against Guatemala and was uncomfortable on the few occasions when he was under pressure.

The midfielder has 60 appearances for the Mexican national team, and if he keeps his cool head, he makes many guarantees to support the defense in the position presented by Alan Cervantes, Eric Sanchez and Luis Romo, with more doubts than certainty.

Alan Cervantes, 25, got his first chance for Diego Cuca against Guatemala and produced fine accounts after 90 minutes, however, he lacks experience in complex scenarios to give the weight of responsibility to a player who has only five caps at the absolute level.

Luis Romo has been involved in two of the five duels with Diego Coca on the Mexican bench and the backfield is not in his favour. Against Jamaica, he showed a low level during his stay that lasted 90 minutes, and in the face of Cameroon he missed most of the forward passes, in addition to being the main person responsible for the opponent’s first goal, as he surprised Olivier Kemmen, who denied him that. The ball is in his area to set up a goal play.

Of the third players in contention for the position, it was Eric Sanchez who had the biggest arguments for sneaking into the starting line-up, showing regularity and good performances in the three duels he played with Diego Cuca in charge, against the United States and Guatemala at the start and with Cameroon off the bench, thanks to It provides certainty and vision to distribute the ball in both directions.

With four duels per era Diego Cocarevelation in midfield Mexican national team During Qatar 2022, he aims to start the duel against the United States at the start thanks to the momentum that he provides in every game and the push that his presence gives to the national team, as he has a high percentage of success in key passes, plays well between the lines and also contributes to the defense, above the footballers like Carlos Rodriguez And Eric Gutierrez.

Carlos Rodriguez He participated in four of five possible matches this year with the Mexican national team, against Suriname, United State, Guatemala and Cameroon, with ups and downs in his performance as a “10”, behind the striker, or as a clearly uncomfortable left winger outside his own area. Despite the above, his best shot is a duel Diego Coca On the national bench was against the United States, behind the centre-forward.

The performance of the Eric Gutierrez with the Mexican national team He has been on duty since the Qatar 2022 qualifying round and only participated against Suriname with Coca as a coach. In that match, playing inside on the left, for 90 minutes, he went unnoticed and was outplayed wide by midfielder Diego Pesoire, who repeatedly stripped him of the ball and eliminated his presence on the pitch.

The versatile attacking midfielder was crowned champion of Greece as a starter for AEK Athens, the club for whom he played 36 games and scored nine goals, so his moment of finesse adds up to him being considered a regular starter of the match. United State.

Due to his qualities, “Maguito” can play behind the striker and as a winger on either side, to give competition Alexis VegaAnd Uriel Antonaor become a substitute for the injured Hirving Lozano.

Alexis Vega Share only before United State with Diego Coca at command and did so as a “10” with a good grade while fencing, taking charge of the offensive staff to spin plays and serving as provider for Roberto de la Rosa. Despite being named for the second point, the striker made tireless sacrifices and raised his hand as a fine healer against the opposition.

for his part, Uriel Antona co vs suriname, United State And Cameroon, with its distinctive speed and elusiveness, even scored a goal against the “stars and stripes”, however, most of his attempts were at the opponent’s feet, so Peneda It is a replacement with other features to try offensive variants.

Hirving Lozano He will miss the Nations League final due to a knee injury he sustained on May 14 with Napoli in the match against Monza in Serie A. Mexican national team It was against Jamaica, a duel in which he had a key role, thanks to his speed, superiority and technique, even scoring a goal.

Although he only saw action with Diego Coca Against Suriname, the heroic Dutch striker has reason enough to raise his hand as a starter against him United StateHe lived a dream first season in European football with 23 goals in all competitions and he is in an even better time than that Raul Jimenez also Henry Martin.

In case Raul Jimenez, an offensive center whose football future has become in doubt after a bad season in Wolverhampton, as well as his strained relationship with coach Julen Lopetegui, was excluded from the Mexican national team due to undergoing leg surgery. Regardless of the player’s outputs, his numbers are with Mexican national team They’ve been passive for just over a year, as he recently broke a 14-month streak without scoring in the green jersey and did so from the penalty spot.

Henry Martin He also had a good football semester, being Clausura 2023 champions, however, his performance saw him notably collapse at the moments America needed it most, as the team did not celebrate a goal he made in Liguilla.

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