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Mexico continues to deport Cubans: 112 returned this Wednesday!

Mexico continues to deport Cubans: 112 returned this Wednesday!

The Cuban government received this Wednesday, November 8, 112 citizens who illegally immigrated to Mexico and were deported by the country’s authorities, according to several press agencies such as Spain. EFE.

The deportees, 67 men and 45 women, tried to leave Cuba legally, probably through Nicaragua, and then through an irregular route to the Mexican border with the United States, according to a Ministry of Interior (Minint) note.

This is the tenth deportation of Cubans by Mexico so far in 2023, bringing the total number of returnees to the island from Aztec territory to 789.

“In total, so far this year, 120 return operations have been carried out with 4,996 irregular migrants from various countries in the region,” the report of the police agency points out.

In addition to Mexico, other countries such as the United States, the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas have also deported irregular Cubans in recent weeks.

The situation is difficult because many of those who return to Cuba after trying to leave the country have nothing because they have removed their homes to pay for the overland journey. Their journey took them through several Central American countries like Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, and now they are returning empty-handed.

Deportations from Mexico to Cuba will continue

Cuba is going through a critical economic situation, which has caused an unprecedented wave of migration due to the number of people who have left the country and the duration of the event.

Along with uncontrolled inflation, constant blackouts and partial dollarization of the economy, the island suffers from severe shortages of basic goods such as food, medicine and fuel.

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It is estimated that about 4% of the Cuban population will be displaced by 2022, and the figures are likely to be the same this year, according to the data available so far.