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Mercedes-Benz presenta un coche futurista sin volante e inspirado en la pelĂ­cula 'Avatar', que se maneja con la mente

Mercedes-Benz presents a futuristic car without a steering wheel and inspired by the movie ‘Avatar’, which is driven by the mind


September 6, 2021 22:43 GMT

The prototype is equipped with sensors that detect where the driver is looking and brain waves, to do a specific action.

Mercedes-Benz car maker Foot This Monday, September 6 at the International Motor Show held in Munich (Germany) a prototype of its new technology, inspired by the movie ‘Avatar’, that integrates a system Perceives the driver’s brain activity Then he translates them into certain actions and commands.

It is Vision AVTR, a system based on visual perception, since the car You have Points of light are displayed on a digital dashboard that works in conjunction with a brain-computer interface device with portable electrodes that attach to the back of the driver’s head.

The system requires a calibration period, after which It can record brain activity. So when the user sets their gaze on a specific point on the board, The device detects it and does the required job.

Also, this car does not have a steering wheel and is controlled by placing your hand on The console located between the front seats, It is able to recognize a person by their heart rate and breathing. Even when the hand is raised, a menu is displayed on the palm that allows the passenger to navigate through the various functions.

It is also able to provide passengers with detailed information about the environment, such as ultraviolet light, bio-energy and magnetic fields.

The Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR gifts a electric motor for each wheel, It can move laterally, its power is more than 350 kW and its range is 700 km.

Meanwhile, in her back 33 multi-directional small movable airfoils It performs various functions, improving the aerodynamic function and also revealing the position of the driver as he is moving when accelerating, braking or cornering.

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