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medicine.  Rethink and question

medicine. Rethink and question

Perhaps the fundamental problem of modern medicine is, without paradoxes, biomedical technologyReduces the patient and buries the doctor-patient relationship and increases the gap between who can cover the costs of the new and Brilliant biotechnology And those who do not have this ability. I wrote without paradoxes: everything depends on the pocket: those who have access to it (almost) will always benefit; Those who don’t come close to the rewards will live the same (low) quality of life and die at ages similar to those of their parents. Corollary: Biotechnology is increasing the rift between the rich and the poor.

Bioethics is a resource for thought whose overriding idea is not to stop biotechnology research, but rather to prioritize its purposes. Morality is rich in ideas and poor in money; the medical technologies The non-medical is rich in ideas and money. Francisco de Quevedo said it five centuries ago, “Mr. Money is a gentlemanIn the late 21st century, biotech makers confirmed it. The “new” medicine knows it: it feeds on equipment.

With the growth of biotechnology, the person who comes into the office becomes a potential patient and a source of money. Biotechnology and its followers, as deplored by doctors and thinkers, medicalized life.

When attending counseling, how do you decide between what is wise and what is reckless? What do you do when you go to the examination for abdominal pain and the doctor informs you after examining the patient and ordering tests that in addition to the suffering of the colon, it is also HypertensionDo you suffer from high cholesterol and possibly a mass in the liver? Is a doctor who listens to a patient’s complaint and orders a few tests doing it right, or a doctor who suggests even if the patient has only a small problem, does many tests preventively?

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The last two questions include the initials. Not suitable for a yes or no answer. Various elements are needed, the most important of which are to individualize those who come to the consultation, i.e. get to know them, understand their requests and act according to their visions and in accordance with Ethical/Medical Principles. Singularity in medicine and in general is an art. Knowing who the patient is is essential. This scenario should dictate the rules: how many tests to take, how many consultations to order, etc. Conducting tests has both benefits and harms.

Coincidence plays a crucial role in medicine. It should not be overlooked that many accidental outcomes, when treated medically, generate problems due to medications or poor communication between them the doctors: Over-prescription is common. And it should not be ignored, despite the enormity advance medicineThe natural history of some diseases: It is not always known how the disease will behave, and sometimes abnormalities detected in scans may have been around for years and are not harmful.

The previous scenario will become more complicated as Medicine And genomics is part of the same query — genomics: field of molecular biology Dedicated to the study of the structure, function, evolution, and mapping of genes and their potential modifications. Genomic medicine offers many uses, particularly the treatment of diseased fetuses; However, misusing it can open the door to the demon of eugenics, that is, science devoted to improving genetic traits humans through various forms of genetic interference.

Rethinking the practice of medicine is essential. This should be done by doctors and patients. There are many questions and endless answers. The doctor is obligated to individualize the patient and know who he/she is doctor.

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Doctor and writer.