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MCM's legal team was unable to access the exclusion file at the High Court of Justice

MCM's legal team was unable to access the exclusion file at the High Court of Justice

María Corina Machado's legal representative, Perques Rocha, reported on Tuesday that they had gone to the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) to find out how the presidential candidate's appeals regarding her alleged disqualification would proceed, but were unable to access the file for the second time.

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“For the second time, the SPA did not give us access to the file to examine it and not only find out what action was carried out, but, in particular, find out from the first source the supposed compliance provided by the Office of the General Comptroller of the requirements of the Political-Administrative Chamber of the Republic to record the administrative background of the case,” he said. .

“The Supreme Court jeopardizes compliance with constitutional guarantees of due process and compliance with the Barbados Agreement,” Rocha added.

The lawyer concluded the series of letters by emphasizing that he will continue to insist on the tools of constitutional law, and is confident that the truth will prevail in this case.

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On December 25, the Office of the Comptroller General sent to the Superior Court of Justice a certified copy of the administrative procedure through which the 15-year sentence of disqualification was imposed on María Corina Machado, an essential document for determining whether the said procedure will be lifted. .

“Maria Corina Machado Baresca jointly files a lawsuit for precautionary protection against the actual course of the alleged material actions exercised by the Office of the Comptroller. “President Judge Malaquias Gil Rodriguez,” he signs off.

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The Political Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, in a decision dated December 19, agreed to notify the Comptroller's Office that it has a 72-hour period to “proceed to register the requested information” in relation to this veto which, if sustained, would bar Machado from competing in the 2024 elections. Scheduled for the second semester.

On Friday, December 15, Machado went to the Superior Court of Justice to present his case, regarding the disqualification review process agreed between the government and the Unitary Democratic Platform.

Upon his departure from the Supreme Court of Justice, he announced that after being brought before the court, “the ball was on the side” of Nicolas Maduro, who expected that he would be responsible for determining whether he complied with what had been agreed with the international community to guarantee “clean elections” next year.