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Martinoli sends a message to Pietrasanta that they will keep tweeting nonsense

Martinoli sends a message to Pietrasanta that they will keep tweeting nonsense

who share Mexico In the CONCACAF League of Nations Not much to say, because it was gross to failwhich costs the job Diego Cocawho has never been able to capitalize on his select teams, and proof of that is the win against him United State.

However, there has been a topic that has given plenty to talk about since then Christian Martinoli And Jorge Pietrasanta They got involved in a lawsuit over the social networks and transmissions in which they participated.

What did Martinoli say to Pietrasanta?

After arguing with Pietrasantaas he hinted at sending Panama to Mexico, Martinoli He lived Facebookwhere he shouted with everything against the analyst ESPN And everyone who wants to imitate his style and the style of his companions.

“I came to this job Damn many lives This disturbs them and fascinates me. Among the little things I enjoy in this mess is that others catch fire because they are bastards for what one does, I enjoy because it motivates them that the person is doing well, that the Doctor (Luis GarcĂ­a) and Zaguito are doing well; That immortal (Jorge Campos) says three words and Raised three million dollars.

“I love that we’ve revolutionized the media, where we can throw riots and analyze one game at a time. That’s what other people want to repeat and won’t give them that. That’s how they stay, tweeting nonsense, that’s how they stay, tweeting about other commenters, I don’t need commenters, I don’t waste my time on this nonsense“.

Who do you dedicate your Twitter posts to?

Lively remarks Christian Martinoli They haven’t stayed in social networks, since Twitter He went on to indicate that he was going toRetires” for several commenters.

“Everyone is responsible for himself. I will continue to be a disaster to tell and one of the greatest diseases of Mexican football from the media and at the same time I will continue to say what I think and by the way retired for several”.