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Marja's wife requests Pochettino's resignation

Marja's wife requests Pochettino's resignation

At the last minute Chelsea He is used to living with a certain situation: he cannot be in the news for trophies, but rather usually appears on the front page of newspapers for resounding investments or scandals outside the sport, as is happening at this time. What happened? wife Thiago SilvaThe team leader did not hide his annoyance with him Mauricio Pochettino He publicly called for his resignation.

Although there are some exceptions that break the rule, such as… Leo Messi And NeymarThe truth is that the relationship between Argentines and Brazilians was not simple at all. The South American countries have a remarkable rivalry, which is greatly enhanced when football is featured in the middle.

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However, what is happening in… England He can't stop attracting attention, musing Isabelle (born in Rio de JaneiroHe could not bear the historic defeat (4-2). Wolverhampton in Stamford Bridge, for which he made a vigorous defence. Blues assisted Moises Caicedo And with a goal from the Brazilian defender, they fell again (they came from a 4-1 loss at the hands of… Liverpool) and fell to the bottom half of the rankings in Premier League.

At the end of the match, Bell decided to speak on social media with an indirect message regarding the performance of the London team and the uncertain future of the coach. The beautiful woman wrote on her page: “It's time for a change. If you wait any longer, it will be too late.” x (Twitter) With two blue hearts in reference to the European club.

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Isabel and Thiago together

Instagram: Isabel Silva

Thus, although his name was not mentioned directly, due to his history of doubting coaches and the message itself, fans quickly linked him to the rumors that began to gain strength in the British press regarding the Argentine's continuation. However, it does not cease to be surprising, considering that her husband is a regular in Pucci's team, which has kept him in 21 of their 23 league matches. Leading In this season.

Thiago Silva's wife has a difficult background

In which he was born Rio de Janeiro She is considered an influencer, which is why she spends a lot of time on social media. In this distribution of space, he does not always use it for issues related to his work or personal life.

Judging by his background, he also tends to express his opinion on football and get into trouble. In January 2023, he attacked fans of the London club and also spoke out against the Brazilian defender's teammates.

After a tough defeat, Bell indicated that if there were copies of her husband's play in midfield and attack, it would be the team's fate Chelsea It will be different. The defender's wife tweeted: “If there is Thiago Silva In attack and one in midfield, with what we already have in defence…”

It is worth noting that previously, in the fall of Vs Manchester city, Bell directly attacked blues sympathizers. She posted a video of the booing in a tweet, and commented: “Don’t come to Stamford Bridge if you don’t sing. Come on, Chelsea.”

The pair of Brazilian defender and English team player in the past also knew how to shoot against them Timo WernerBecause in the defeat the team had several clear chances and wasted them all. “It's karma, guys, because in every team I go to there's a striker who gives up goals. That's Werner, what's his name?” “We need a goal, we have to win this game, but the strikers don't want to score, and I don't understand why they don't,” Bailly said. Silva at the time, in April 2021.