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Caribbean Series 2024: Dominican Republic 1-9 Mexico (No. 15) |  Uses

Caribbean Series 2024: Dominican Republic 1-9 Mexico (No. 15) | Uses

Dominican Republic (Tigeres del Lece) and Mexico (Narangeros del Hermosillo) They will hold a vibrant showdown This Sunday, February 4 (9:30 PM Santo Domingo time) in it Miami Loan Depot ParkFlorida, for the fourth round match of the 2024 Caribbean Series. The official broadcast for the Dominican fans will be carried out by Digital 15 (Telemicro channel 15) From Inter Sateltal, Claro TV and Orbit Cable.

How to watch Digital 15 Live, Dominican Republic vs. Mexico?

Digital 15 will provide full coverage of all games of Tigres del Licey from the Dominican Republic in the Miami 2024 Caribbean Baseball Series and you can watch it on your favorite cable operators: Inter Satelital, Claro TV and Orbit Cable.

  • Channel 3062 Inter Satellite
  • Channels 121 SD and 15 HD from Claro TV
  • Channel 15 of Orbit Cable Dominican Republic

Where to watch Digital 15 Live for free online?

If you want to follow the 2024 Caribbean Series for free with all matches (Tigers del Lice in the Dominican Republic). You must enter . This way you can watch baseball from your mobile device, PC, tablet or smart TV.

List of Dominican Republic (Tigres del Licey)

  • Jugs: Jonathan Aro, Fernando Abad, Jairo Asensio, Lisalvirto Bonilla, Neftali Velez, Brooks Hall, Williams Jerez, Jorge Martinez, Jean Carlos Mejía, Andy Otero, Pedro Baiano, Wonder Suero, Cesar Valdez, Raul Valdez.
  • Catchers: Jorge Alfaro, Michael de la Cruz, and Buster Rivas.
  • Attackers: Sergio Alcantara, Vidal Brogan, Robinson Cano, Kelvin Gutierrez, Ramon Hernandez, Dauel Lugo, and Gustavo Nunez.
  • Defense players: Luis Barrera, Emilio Bonifacio, Yadel Hernandez and Junior Lake.
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List of Mexico (Narangeros del Hermosillo)

  • Players: Isaac Paredes, Bobby Bradley (MTY), Irving Lopez, Ramiro Peña (MAZ), Roberto Valenzuela (MTY), Juan, Carlos Gamboa (OBR) and Agustin Murillo.
  • Outfielders: Aaron Alther, Jose Cardona, Julian Ornelas (GAL) and Randy Romero (MAS).
  • Catchers: Julian Lyon and Alexis Wilson (dead end).
  • Shooters: Oudrisamer Despain (OBR), Jeff Kinke, Manny Barreda (CUL), Zach Mattson (NAV), Wilmer Rios, Joe Van Meter, Omar Cruz, Taylor Williams, Curtis Taylor, Jose Samawia, Fernando Salas, Luis Marquez, Jake Sanchez . (MXL), Elkin Alcala (MAZ), and Juan Gamez (MOC).

dominican republic vs. Mexico: schedule, headquarters and broadcast channel

  • Championship: Miami 2024 Caribbean Baseball Series
  • Time: 9:30 PM (Santo Domingo)
  • Date: Sunday, February 4, 2024
  • TV: Digital 15, Telemicro Internacional (TV), MLB.TV
  • Stadium: Lawn Depot Park in Miami, Florida (USA)

Miami prepares for the Caribbean Series