America thunders to the beat of the band. From this On May 30, the Santa Cruz team will begin arriving to Virginia, where the carnival will be enjoyed.

Singers will be among the special guests, said Sandro Ibáñez, director of Acropol (Groups of the Bolivian East). Maisa Roca and Luis Vega; Gustavo Gil, Chairman of the ACCC; Former Queen of Carnival Diana Molina, without forgetting Aidana Dufino, the current sovereign of the great celebration of the people of Santa Cruz.

Festival Queen Dressed by Galo Sánchez; She is preparing 10 different outfits for presentations between regular and gala.
“She wears gala dresses, of course, the inevitable kind and one-pieces, all of them.” Apart from being elegant, He wears his crowning robe, With a flap that’s like little wings,” Sanchez admitted to Socials.

Friday, June 7 All groups will be with guests to reminisce and enjoy their festival of love in Virginia.

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Aidana will be crowned 2024 Cruzino USA Carnival Queen

The event will be held in Virginia and is organized by Acropole