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Lyon vs Atlas |  Live broadcast best moments |  Final Ida |  Opening 2021

Lyon vs Atlas | Live broadcast best moments | Final Ida | Opening 2021

’45 added 4 minutes

The fourth official raises the signal and 4 minutes are added.

’44 Camilo Vargas responds!

Jean Meneses hit him on the edge of the area with a less skilled leg and the Colombian goalkeeper leaned on his right side to keep the ball safe.

’43 Short cut kota!

Jairo Torres hit a powerful right-footed shot that was trying to enter the goal, but Rodolfo Cotta took a step back and turned the ball into a corner kick.

’36 Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool from Leon!

The lion’s trident is present. Mina sent the ball, Jean Menes taller, Victor Davila scored a great goal with a great shot.

30 solid atlas. lion locked

From the first minute, Atlas looked better on the field and got the score thanks to Luis Reyes.

Léon tries to get rid of and exercise the dominance they are accustomed to, but they do not produce in advance.

’11 Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool Atlas!

After a throw-in, Julio Verch clashed with William Tesillo and the ball ended up at the feet of Luis Reyes, who inside the area hit a powerful right that fell past Rodolfo Cotta. Rojnigro is already winning!

4 yellow for Diego Barbosa

The side of Rojinegros del Atlas was painted yellow after a reckless entry.

Atlas Collection

Diego Coca does absolutely nothing to transfer to his first 11 goals that gave him plenty of success during Apertura in 2021.

Realizing that a positive result at the Nou Camp would bring them closer to the title, Rogengros go for their best.

Lion’s lineup

Ariel Holan wants Assad to exploit the area and nothing is saved to confront Atlas.

Ángel Mena, will lead the Leonese attack. Los Rojinegros must be vigil because the Ecuadoreans have 4 goals in this league.

This is how the atlas arrives

Regularity was one of the main characteristics of Rugenigros during Apertura in 2021. Those who were led by Diego Coca prioritized solid defense and the play went perfectly.

With 29 points, they put Leguela in second place. Julio Furch in an apparent reference to Fox’s attack.

Twitter / @LigaBBVAMX

This is how the lion arrives

Following the departure of Ignacio Ambrez, Argentine Ariel Holan took charge of the Esmeralda bench and although there was talk of an offense at some point, the team settled in as the strategist wanted.

With 29 points, they finished third in Apertura 2021 and in Angel Mina they have a clear reference.

Twitter / @LigaBBVAMX

Final Atmosphere

Although the ball will start rolling at 9:00 PM, emotions are already starting to emerge. In the vicinity of Nou Camp, Esmeraldas fans were already present, welcoming and cheering their team.