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Lviv attacked by Russian missiles

Russian missiles hit the city groupAnd the in western Ukraine at the same time as President Joe Biden was visiting neighboring Poland, a reminder that Moscow is ready to attack anywhere in Ukraine, even though it claims to be focusing its attack on the east of the country.

Successive air strikes rocked the city, which became a haven for some 200,000 people who had to flee their villages.

group It has largely escaped attacks since the invasion began, although a week ago the missiles hit an aircraft repair facility near the main airport.

Among the many people who resorted to group She is Ulana Ukrainets, a 34-year-old IT worker from the northeastern city of Kharkiv.

“When I get to groupI was sure that all these alarms were useless.” Ukrainets told The Associated Press in a shelter after the explosions.

“Sometimes when I would listen to them at night, I would stay in bed. Now I have changed my mind and must always hide. …None of the Ukrainian cities is safe at the moment.”

before the invasion, group It had a population of about 700,000 people. Some who no longer feel safe here are planning to head to neighboring Poland.

On Saturday, President Biden met with refugees in the country in a show of solidarity, despite being in the capital, Warsaw, and away from the Ukrainian border, which is just 72 kilometers (45 miles) west of the country. group.

This city has also become a humanitarian rallying point for Ukraine, and the attacks could further complicate the already difficult process of sending aid to the rest of the country.

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In the first attack, two Russian missiles hit an industrial area in the northeastern suburbs of the country group It appears that five people have been injured, District Governor Maxim Kozytsky said on Facebook. A thick column of black smoke billowed from the place for hours.

Kozetsky told a news conference as sirens sounded that the second missile strike hit the outskirts of the city hours later, causing three explosions.

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