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Encargado de Negocios de EE.UU. elogia esfuerzos para combatir la corrupción y fomentar el crecimiento en RD

Lunch Minister – US officials praised efforts to combat corruption and promote growth in DR

Robert Thomas, in-charge of the US Embassy in the Dominican Republic, thought this would continue. The fight against corruption and the strengthening of government institutions Will be Keys to maintaining confidence in the country’s investment environment.

During his presentation at the annual Thanksgiving Meeting organized annually by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmchamDR) of the Dominican Republic, Thomas calls on political and business leadership to fight corruption and implement reforms to end impunity, So that the country can strengthen its economy and establish itself as a leader in the region and an example of democracy.

“We welcome the efforts of President Abinadar’s administration to maintain an attractive, sustainable and predictable investment climate in the Dominican Republic. To attract and hold US investors and businesses in the Dominican Republic, transparency and zero tolerance for corruption are absolutely essential. We look forward to working closely with President Abinader’s government to pursue major institutional reforms, “he said.Together towards the future ”.

During the traditional Thanksgiving event, Roberto Herrera, President of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmchamDR) of the Dominican Republic, predicted that the Dominican Republic would become a magnet for connected investments over the next ten years. .

During his presentation, Thomas highlighted the cooperation between the Governments of the United States and the Dominican Republic in matters of security, trade, education, health and development.

Officials said the U.S. government has invested $ 298 million in the health sector over the past 20 years and will work with the Ministry of Health next year to strengthen epidemiological surveillance nationally and in the provinces. Position to improve data-driven decision-making; Train health workers in the care of Govt-19 and support vaccination campaigns.

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On January 20, 2021, Robert W. Thomas Santo accepted the position of Head of the US Embassy in Domingo. After serving as head of the US Embassy in Montreal, Canada for three years, he has been a Ministerial Adviser to the Ministry since July 16, 2020.

President AmchamDR predicts that RD will be an investment magnet linked to Nearshoring

Roberto Herrera, president of the American Chamber of Commerce, predicts that the Dominican Republic has the potential to become a magnet for nearshore shore-related investment over the next ten years.

In her speech at the AmchamDR Thanksgiving event, Herrera highlighted the geographical location, political and economic stability as part of making the country a major investment destination.

In this regard, the President of AmchamDR noted the importance of strengthening relations between the country and the United States in order to seize the great opportunities that arise in shifting global value chains to the United States. One of the advantages of our country is that it utilizes the dynamics associated with the basic role of immigrants as a bridge between the two countries.

“Those two million Dominicans living, working and studying in the United States have a lot to contribute to the starting point. Some of them are true pioneers who succeed in very different fields. Ams recognizes pioneers every year.”

On the other hand, Herrera thanked the private sector for its role in securing jobs and economic recovery in the post-epidemic environment. Govit-19.

Marcelino San Miguel II ascended to the Emeritus of Amsamdier

During the Thanksgiving Lunch, the American Chamber of Commerce honored Marcelino San Miguel II, who led the company from 1982-1984, as President, and presented him with a plaque of recognition for his contribution to representation. Connects the company with a new vision of the future.

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