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Luis Diaz: Jurgen Klopp asks him to learn to speak English quickly - International Football - Sports

Luis Diaz: Jurgen Klopp asks him to learn to speak English quickly – International Football – Sports

Luis Diaz is in Barranquilla, the city that propelled him into international football, as the Colombian national football team plays for their future this Thursday, against Bolivia, in the qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup Qatar.

The striker, a great moment in Liverpool, He is one of the hopes of Reinaldo Rueda’s team to break the 646-minute streak without a goal and keep the chances of reaching at least the play-off against the fifth-placed team in Asia.

Klopp’s vision for Diaz’s present and future

On the other side of the pond, in England, his coach, Jürgen Klopp, is still happy with his performance and is thinking not only of the Colombian for the present, but also of the future. The German coach told Sky Sports that this was one of the reasons why his signing was speeded up.

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“Usually it’s really tough, but since he didn’t have to change, we have a guy with a lot of confidence. He’s been in a very good moment with Porto, he’s played really well with Colombia, so he’s full of confidence. We’re trying to make sure he doesn’t lose that, We want him to be normal,” Klopp said.

In the midst of this adjustment process, Klopp wants to push Diaz to an essential issue: to learn to speak English quickly.

“With Luis, for obvious reasons, there is a language problem. I don’t speak Spanish, and he doesn’t speak English. He’s learning, and I’m not, so we’ll have to wait for his English to get better. Until then, we have a lot of people talking to him constantly. But it is clearly completely normal. That’s why he plays the way he plays.” Confirm to DT.

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Klopp still expects more from Luis Diaz

Klopp knows Diaz can still do more for Liverpool. “Nothing has happened yet. Yes, the start was very good. But it is a long-term project for us and we are a long-term project for him. There is a lot to come,” he said.