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James Rodriguez, criticized by Jorge Valdano |  Colombia vs.  Bolivia - International Football - Sport

James Rodriguez, criticized by Jorge Valdano | Colombia vs. Bolivia – International Football – Sport

James Rodriguez published in the last hours a picture of him during one of the last training sessions with the Colombian national team. The smile that reveals his face is a reflection of the illusion that has always been born wearing the “tricolor” shirt. However, Now Chiaroscuro can have that feeling because the team led by Reinaldo Rueda is virtually eliminated from the World Cup finals in Qatar, and James comes off several matches without playing for his club, Al Rayyan in Qatar.

Specifically, Jorge Valdano, world champion with Argentina in 1986, former Real Madrid official and writer, spoke about the complex situation in which the Colombian “10” lives.
His judgment appears to be accurate: James Rodriguez lives “football decadence” in Qatar.

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James Rodriguez, in the eyes of Valdano

The number “10” for the Colombian national team.

It gives a sense that James Rodriguez was walking down stairs. He had a tremendous opportunity to reach the top at a young age, thanks to the World Cup in Brazil, which made him among the best players in the world. He then arrived at Real Madrid at a time when the club was in a fantastic competitive position. “He’s done his first year very well, and little by little, he’s gone,” Valdano said initially, this Tuesday, in an interview with Radio Blu.

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Minutes later, Real Madrid’s General Director of Sport chose to talk about the moment James Rodriguez is going through after his departure from the “big” leagues in the world.

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“We have to realize that arriving in Qatar at such a young age heralds the decline of football for the player. I don’t know how to explain why he has so much talent…”he added.

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Regarding James Rodriguez’s role in the Colombian national team, Valdano was optimistic. In response to a question about the contribution that the “ten” can make to the Rueda team, he said: “It will certainly help the national team. It is imaginative, technical and unbalanced. What happens is that the friction of the first competitive level helps a lot in the development of a player, it is very difficult to find him in a league Like Qatar, this is an unquestionable reality.”

“Playing in the League or in the Premier League, where every match has a challenge, is different from Qatar, where the pressure and the demand is less,”
Valdano concluded.

James Rodriguez can start the match between Colombia and. Bolivia, Thursday, 6:30 pm, the penultimate date for the Qatar World Cup qualifiers.