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Los Angeles is still in the fray.  Kershaw is injured

Los Angeles is still in the fray. Kershaw is injured

LOS ANGELES — Tria Turner hit a grand slam and solo career at home, the Los Angeles Dodgers extended their NBA title fight Friday by at least a day after returning and beating the Brewers 8-6. Milwaukee after injury Clayton Kershaw.

Matt Petty broke the tie with a racket in the seventh game to help the world champion preserve his increasingly slim chances of winning the Ninth Division title. Los Angeles took its 104th victory this year.

Division leader San Francisco beat Arizona 3-0 to secure at least one tie in the title race. With a two-game lead over the Dodgers, the Giants need one more win to crown.

The Dodgers were 5-1 behind the NL Central champions after three rounds, but they rallied for their 13th consecutive home win, matching the 2009 streak. This was their fifth straight win.

But it wasn’t all good news for the Dodgers family. Kershaw had to leave the pile in the second with a pain in his left arm after 42 throws.

Blake Trinin (6-5) had a one-stroke win in the save and Kenley Jansen of CuraƧao had made four saves 38 this year. Jandel Gustaf (1-2) took the loss by receiving two goals and three touchdowns in one game 2/3.

For beer, Willie Adams 5-1. Venezuela’s Avisiel Garcia 5-0; Eduardo Escobar 4-2, with two goals and one scored; Omar Narvaez 4-0 with the Reserve Bank of India. Mexican Luis Orillas 4-2, with a half and RBI record.

For the Dodgers, Albert Pujols scored 1-1, in one inning.