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Pepe Goico: “Leonel Fernández tenía una Leonel Card”

“Lionel Fernandez had a Lionel card”

Retired Colonel Army, Pedro Julio Goico Guerrero Popularly known as “Pepe Coyko”He pointed out today that the person who actually had the presidential card was the former president Lionel FernandezAs he defined Lionel card.

“(…) There was a card I had not seen and one of them had users (…) Lionel Fernandez had a Lionel card. It was a card and it was held by President Fernandez and managed by a general at the time. , But there are consumer account statements, “he said. After refusing to call it the “Pepe Card.”

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Interviewed on the show “55 minutes” That pOr CDN, Pepe Coyko He had to carry an identity for 20 years, for which he was not responsible.

“I had to carry it for 20 years. Me and my family.”He said that when he presented a sentence, he was acquitted of the charges at the time Court Attorney.

In connection with the 2005 indictment Pepe Coyko Appointed as a buyer Hummingbird Helicopter Amount $ 600,000He denied the allegations and testified that there was no such evidence against him. The aforesaid procedure has not been appealed by the plaintiffs.

“It was a helicopter I wanted to have, but I was not. I did not sit on it, did not fly, did not know what color it was,” he said.

Remarkable Pepe Coyko He told her at the request of his family, especially his children, that it should be done from the “who peace grant”.

Payment after withdrawal

About a check for four million as an estimate of unpaid wages, Pepe Coyko He wonders what he was like at the time he was illegally removed.

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“This is a check for four million three hundred thousand pesos. This is a salary that has not been paid for 14 years, ”he said.

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“If you stopped paying me for 14 years, what would I be in those 14 years,” he said. Pedro Julio Goico Guerrero.