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Leyner Mesa is in Cuba and is expected to take the stage at the Santa Maria Music Festival

Leyner Mesa is in Cuba and is expected to take the stage at the Santa Maria Music Festival

Cuban singer Linear table He could make a “surprise appearance” at the controversial Santa Maria Music Festival on Saturday, journalist Michel Hernandez confirmed with sources close to the organizing committee.

The artist was recently seen performing with a controversial reggaeton tekashi 6ix9ine In a video posted on Instagram, it generated all kinds of comments among the Cuban community.

The video shows Misa with two other singers, who we previously announced Being at the eventin a mansion on Cayo Santa Maria.

The networks have already been filled with reactions of disappointment and criticism of the singer’s participation in an event organized to wash the face of the government and promote tourism in Cuba.

Among the musicians already seen on the stages of the Santa Maria Music Festival are Puerto Ricans Calma Carmona, Tito El Bambino and Neo García; unknown american rappers, 6ix9ine and his partner, Yailín the Most Viralchocolate and others.

The Santa Maria Music Festival was marked by a massive disruption to hotel services. Dozens of Cubans who had booked their vacations were left without accommodations to stay because it coincided with the celebration of the event when rooms were overbooked.

In short, many of those present considered it a scam.

The person most responsible for the chaos and fraud of the Santa Maria Music Festival is GAESA, a federation of the Cuban Ministry of the Armed Forces, for being the owner of the Gaviota Hotel Group where the event is taking place and who will take the biggest economical slice in this concert.