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Legislative Assembly ratifies a cooperation agreement with China

Legislative Assembly ratifies a cooperation agreement with China

Representative Marcela Filatoro, from the Arena, criticized that the conditions under which the agreement was signed are not clear, so that China would have the full implementation of the contracts.

The pro-government representatives of New Ideas insisted that the council today approve the cooperation agreement signed by President Najib Bukil with the People’s Republic of China. He said that the agreement was ratified on Tuesday by 66 votes in plenary.

Let’s not think too much about something that could be a gift to the country. It’s non-refundable money, it’s a framework agreement that acts as an umbrella under which various projects are implemented, “Foreign Relations Committee Vice Chair Anna Figueroa, of New Ideas, explained before voting in the committee to issue a favorable opinion that it would be put to a vote in plenary.

The request was received on Tuesday in the council through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it is expected on the same day that it will be approved, without further discussion from the Foreign Relations Committee convening today to issue a positive opinion.

Congresswoman Marcela Filatoro, from the Arena, complained that they could not vote on a document they did not know.

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“I see that we have started discussing the topic without reading one article after the other in this framework agreement,” said Fiatouro, caresses.

The head of the authority replied, “In order not to read the agreement, what can be done is an executive summary that contains the most important parts.”

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Head of New Ideas Division, Christian Guevara, explained that it was a cooperation agreement pending since December 2019 when Buckley visited China.

According to Buckley, the value of the non-refundable public investment is $ 500 million and unconditionally, which he compared to Fumilinius’ possession of V1, “without equal.”

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Some of the projects that Guevara mentioned through the agreement will be the construction of a new national library, a new stadium, and water sanitation projects.

He added that they are not only working with China to conclude agreements, but also have had affinity with Russia and other countries in the world. He did not rule out that they would continue to work with the United States.