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Learn about the legal process that gives Gabe Spanik her gray-green hair

Learn about the legal process that gives Gabe Spanik her gray-green hair

It is known that Venezuelan actress Gaby Spanish, who has resided in Mexico for many years, has faced strong challenges since the beginning of her artistic career, with scandals ranging from sexual assault to legal action more than a decade ago against her. Her former assistant Maria Celeste Fernandez, In an alleged poisoning case against her and her son. Today the attitude of justice comes back into his life, as he recently shared in an interview.

Spanish Who starred in great global hits on television such as “The Usurper”, “The Intruder”, and “The Land of Emotions” He revealed that today, more than ever, he strongly supports his twin sister DaniellaIn the charge he brought against his former partner Adhemar Nahumalleging ill-treatment Psychological and physical.

“Even though I have my life, I also have my son Gabriel, I have my things and I help him as much as I can. I have hired lawyers for my sister, that is a very long story. “I love her, I love her, I adore her and I will always be by her side, but there are things that slip away from your hands.” “ He pointed to the 50-year-old Creole.

The story of Gaby and her sister is a bit complicated; Several years ago, the media in the Aztec country speculated that they had stopped speaking to each other, precisely because of Daniela's ex-husband, who is now denouncing them. But later According to Nahum himself, the bad situation between the sisters began when his ex-wife refused to appear with her famous twin in a magazine in which they would receive a very good wage.

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However, later Gabe She is remembered for her excellent personality “Sworn Empress” He admitted that the situation was not as the man revealed, and that For him the most important thing was only his profitable interests.

Spanish No further details about the complaint were revealed. But she stressed that she is very determined to help her sister no matter what happens.