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Nathaniel Kanoo: What did MS respond to after being rude in the middle of the concert |  Vegas |  Celebrities from Mexico |  Fame

Nathaniel Kanoo: What did MS respond to after being rude in the middle of the concert | Vegas | Celebrities from Mexico | Fame

The Las Vegas National Band Day 2022 concert was a resounding success due to the effort each artist and/or group put in to delight their fans, but there was also room for controversy thanks to the youngsters. who did not respect .

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Those who were at the party witnessed it Nathaniel He had a very ugly gesture with the famous Mexican regional group as he made obscene hand gestures to the members, showing his discomfort at that moment.

Mrs. Band was the victim of some outrageous gestures made by Nathanael Kano at a concert in Las Vegas. (Photo: MS Squad).

What happened to NATANAEL CANO?

And according to what is seen and heard in the images of the videos posted on social networking sites, Nathaniel He is booed by those present for an unknown reason which annoys him.

to upgrade members MS . Panda, for being something that was taken with very bad taste, especially in the group’s fans. Furthermore, he also threw away his glasses and the microphone that was in his hands.

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In some of the statements collected by the program “Hoy Diya” , the members of MS spoke about it with the best of goodwill because, one way or another, they seemed to understand the young man’s situation.

“Nothing happens. He got pissed off about what was wrong. The production told us to go upstairs because it was our turn. When I saw that he threw his glasses and mics I thought it was part of his show, but then he put his finger on us”, note members MS . Panda.

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Kanu Nathaniel tells what happened and apologizes

Through a series of stories posted on his Instagram account, Natanael Cano offered his defenses and explained the reason for this reaction, although he also denied that he was booed by those who attended the ceremony, despite the videos proving otherwise.

According to him, his musicians had a certain time to sing, but withdrew without warning, which caused great annoyance on his part, causing him to discharge his anger by making some incorrect gestures towards a huge photo of MS Band.

“There’s always a misunderstanding, but Natatison should be booed, yeah, no. And an apology to MS, because it was right now, it was instant. I felt a bit sad, for X or Y reason, they took out my group I wasn’t aware of, and what I still had time, but they didn’t make fun of me.”Some of his claims were.

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