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Learn about Google’s free tool for learning English

Learn about Google’s free tool for learning English

learn English It is one of the skills that most people seek to develop. Knowing a second language can be a big plus when searching for work, as many companies care about their workers. Can perform fluently In international settings it is those who know English speakers have certain privileges, since the language is almost universal.

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However, learning a new language can be a challenge for many, and requires discipline and motivation to persevere in mastering the language. But despite the desire and interest people may have, many feel frustrated when it comes to learning English because there are economic barriers that prevent them from accessing a course.

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But what many do not know is that Google offers a free and easy way to learn English through artificial intelligence available in the browser. The tool is model-based lambda and palm Applying artificial intelligence to language. This platform offers practical lessons ranging in length from 3 to 5 minutes, and its development included guidance from teachers Lancaster University To provide the best answers, through this tool, interested parties can receive feedback and get contextual translations.

How to find a way to learn English with Google

The first thing that users should keep in mind is that this tool is currently only available for Android systems; However, the company is seeking to expand this tool.

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Now, those who want to practice their English using the browser must first enter the application and put the word in the search bar “translator” Once the results are returned, you must select “Practice speaking English” From there, the user will have to answer the questions asked by the platform and at the same time will be able to practice the language.